Saturday, May 31, 2014

On the 1st of June, we will have been
here in Katherine for 1 year!
Boy, how time flies.
We started out on our big change of scenery like this:
With all our worldly possessions packed
into our little red truck, a camper trailer,
our landcruiser and our bus......
And now, only a year later,
we have a house that we own
(or the bank does),
no red truck :( a couple of ford sedans,
an almost dead landcruiser,
a hiace bus that's done 670 000km,
a tandem trailer, a camper trailer,
a whole bunch of stuff, and almost a son-in-law!

Wow! Isn't God good?
The Lord has blessed us with a steady
job for Dave, good jobs for Lauren and Abbi,
new friends and a church to attend.
Not to mention a beautiful piano for me!
And, an amazing and great place to live,

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dad's Birthday
As most of you know, I recently flew with Emilee
over to Malanda to surprise Dad on his
70th birthday!! Jeremy and his daughter, Ellia,
were able to come too and we had a great time
together over the weekend.
I put together a short video that I was going
to send out to just the family, but it was too
large, so I have had to upload it to our blog
so they can view it.
So, this is really just a family thing,
but feel free to watch it and it probably won't make
much sense to you:)
We Love You Grandpa!!!

And I had to put these couple of quotes
in, just for you Dad


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ok, here it is!

I will be getting invitations out as soon as
possible, but if you want to start checking out flights
and accommodation, at least you now have a date.
I will be sending out a list of accommodation available
here in Katherine, to those invited, with the invitations.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WAIT FOR IT....................
WELL, HERE IT IS.........
Oh, you didn't mean the fruit?
My bad
LOL :)

For those who haven't heard on the grapevine:
Lauren and Cam are engaged:)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Day Carting Hay
Yesterday, I went with Dave out to the Douglas Daly Region
to pick up 3 trailer loads of hay.
This is an area about 3 hours north of Katherine.
Leaving at 6am, we headed out. Arriving at the station,
we headed out into the paddock
to load the hay. Dodging the tractor ploughing, and
trying not to get dry-bogged in the soft dirt.
Each bale weighs about 650kg!! These are not your average
hay bales. They seem to make them all this big here.
And fully loaded!
Looking behind us
For those interested, here's some stats:
3 step deck trailers
41 bales fit on each trailer, making a total of 123 bales
Each bale weighs approx. 650kg
24 straps holding the hay on the trailer
Each trailer empty weighs 10 tons
Prime mover weighs approx. 9 tons
18 gears in the truck
62 wheels (forget the 18 wheelers)
For the trip from 6am to 6pm, we used 500 Litres of Diesel
It's 220km one way
Total weight of load is 120 tons including trailer weight
(which made it 10 tons overloaded, oops)
Anyway, after getting dry-bogged in the paddock
and getting towed out by the Manitou (forklift),
we set off and arrived back in Katherine at the cattle
yards to be unloaded, we unstrapped the load,
(which meant rolling up all the straps, a time consuming job)
we were unloaded and headed home.
Ready to do it all again, but twice, the next day.
Point of interest, they're feeding the cattle 90 bales a day!
I have uploaded a short video so you can get a better idea.
Hope you enjoyed another look into our crazy life!