Wednesday, February 10, 2016

And In Other Late News............

Emilee has her Learners!!!
She actually got them on her birthday
2 weeks ago, but, hey, I've been away, OK!

So, now Dave faces the daunting task of
teaching a daughter with only 1 eye,
how to drive!!!

We will now stop for a minutes silence
so we can hear him run screaming down
the driveway.................

Ok. He's good now:)

So, if you're coming to the Territory
anytime soon, you may want to
postpone your trip for a little
longer, just to give Emilee a chance
to improve on her techniques.

Actually, in all fairness, Dave says
she's actually quite good and
not a bad driver at all.

She has had a lot of practice in
moving vehicles around in our
crazy rush hour front yard for the
past few months, so at least
her reversing and parking skills
are already up to speed:)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

End of 5 Teenage Daughters Month

Well, as of Lauren's 20th Birthday yesterday,
(Happy Birthday Loz!!),
we no longer have 5 teenagers!

Dave and I have been away for the
past 17 days,  so Cam and Loz have had an
instant family and done a great job
of 'babysitting' for us :)

So, because of being away I wasn't able to
post any photos of the girls all together.

And thankfully, we don't have
teenagers like these.........

In the coming days, I'll be posting some of
our 8000 +km trip, where of course
I took as many photos as kilometres:)

Sneak peek:

Had to go back and visit one of my favourite places

Epic Dust Storm on the Stuart Highway

Watch this space!!