Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mysteriously, this sign appeared
on Abbi's car, revealing to the world
just what her little Hyundai really wanted to be
when she grows up.
Sadly, she will never reach such heights
but her big sister is already a Landcruiser
so she will have to forever live in her shadow.
By the way, if you're ever passing Abbi's
car and have forgotten to brush your teeth,
just lick your finger, rub it on the letters,
stick your finger in your mouth and scrub away!
And as to the vandal with the toothpaste graffiti,
he, I mean, whoever it was is bound to strike again,
unless of course he/she has run out of toothpaste!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just some thoughts of mine....
"Redeeming the Time"
Thank the Lord for each and every new day.
It's another opportunity to make good the wrongs of
yesterday. God is long suffering. He gives us
 a new day, knowing full well that we could fall
flat on our face and fail Him. Yet he gives it anyway.
He gives us another chance to be a shining light in a
world of darkness.  We should see every day,
not as a day to fill with business
without any thought of Him.
Not a day just to get done what we neglected
 to do the day before.
But a new day to serve Him. 
He gives us a fresh new page to write on.
A new day to speak out for Him. 
Another day to glorify Him.
So each and every day,
make sure to thank the Lord for it
and redeem the time!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yep. That's right. We are finally
no longer teenagers!
It's our 20th anniversary today
and see how we've grown!
Now is supposed to be where you go...

It's been so much fun,
we're looking forward to
another 20 years, or 40 or 60!
Oh, and because we just happen
to have teenage daughters,
I thought I'd post this random
warning to whom it may concern.

Have a great day!

Monday, May 18, 2015




Dad and his little sister:)

A blast from the past


Always adventurous!

We love you, Dad!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Every year on Mother's  Day
I take a family photo and this year
was no different, except this year,
for the first time, we were missing a daughter!
I guess our family photos will one day be
just Dave and I again, like in the beginning.
Full circle.
Anyway, we haven't gotten any younger or skinnier
(notice us hiding behind the girls)
but the girls have definitely grown!


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day
Wow! Where do I start?
I don't think words would do justice
to describe my amazing mother.
In the words of one song:
"Mama thank you for who I am
Thank you for all the things I'm not
Forgive me for the words unsaid
For the times I forgot"
Thank you for all the sacrifices you've
 made for me over the years.
Thank you for all your love,
your training, your Godly example,
your correction, your inner beauty.
You truly are the Proverbs 31 woman!
We were younger in those days:)
I know I speak for all of your children
when I say thank you for the Godly heritage
you have given us.
Many years ago, my siblings and I
sang the song below in honour of
Mum and Dad, so I have typed it up
as we're not all together
 to sing it again for them.
A Godly Heritage
There are many homes in wreckage
in this world of sin,
No harmony or happiness are found there within,
We thank God for the families He has placed us in,
for the Christ like example you have always been.
A Godly heritage you have given us,
your lives a living picture of faithfulness,
God's blessing passed down,
to your children's children,
we sing this from our hearts,
and with our love, it is given.
We've had precious times together,
Years are slipping past,
We want our lives to count for Christ
 and things that will last,
As we gather together,
on this special day,
our homes to God we dedicate
This is what we pray.
A Godly heritage you have given us,
your lives a living picture of faithfulness,
God's blessing passed down,
to your children's children,
we sing this from our hearts,
and with our love, it is given.
I love you, Mum

I was looking through my files for something
and I came across a paper on motherhood
 that I had written about 10 years ago.
Because it's Mother's Day tomorrow
I thought I'd post it.
(Please excuse the typos)
There is so much I could add to it after
the 10 years of Motherhood that
I've had since writing it, but
I still agree with what I've written.
All I can say is that time goes by so
swiftly. If you're a mother, make sure
you treasure every moment and make the most
of the time you have with your children,
because in no time at all, they're grown and married!
I'm only 39 and I now have a married daughter,
and 4 other daughters over 12!
Wow. The years have flown by.


To all my beautiful daughters,
I love you very much!



Thursday, May 7, 2015

There is Nothing
I posted this poem on God's
 faithfulness a few days ago
but for some reason, it never
made it onto google plus.
So, I'm trying again.

For those of you who receive our
blog via email, sorry, you would have
already seen this.

Do we count God faithfulness when the showers
of blessing don't seem forthcoming?
Elijah did.
"There is nothing"- though the raindrops
needed sorely and so long
Have been promised by Jehovah,
by the Father true and strong.
And the sky is blue and cloudless,
and the earth is parched and dry,
Yet no showers are forthcoming
 from the reservoir on high.

"There is nothing"- but the prophet knows
 and trust his Master's word;
He is not a senseless idol,
but the mighty powerful God.
He has seen His wondrous working,
 he believes Him faithful still;
So he humbly waits in patience
for Jehovah's simple will.

"There is nothing"- oh, how often
 doth the enemy declare,
Nothing for your constant wrestlings;
nothing for your cries and tears.
And the faithless heart says "Nothing,"
though deceived she ne'er has been,
For the little cloud so longed for,
at the seventh time is seen.

"There is nothing"- but there shall be:
God is still the Great "I AM."
He is NOW Almighty, faithful,
and forevermore the same;
And the tears, and cries, and wrestlings,
have recorded been on high;
Not forgotten , nor neglected,
to be answered by and by.
-James Boobbyer