Saturday, March 19, 2016

Did I Ever Tell You

Well, I Do!!

Not too bad a  view from
the front verandah:)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

On the Water

Here's a short video
of some of our fishing
trip, to add to the previous photos.


Recently, Dave and I were able to go
out 'fishing' with our Pastor and his wife,
just out of Darwin Harbour.

It was a great day of new experiences for us
both and we were very happy we didn't get
seasick (as was the case with Dave's only
other ocean experience).
The sea was calm and the fish
were weren't biting.

So, we didn't actually catch any fish,
but we did have a lovely day cruising around
and taking in the sights.

But, as is all too often the case in the Top End,
in a matter of  a couple of hours,
the weather turned and we were in for some fun!

The clouds gathered overhead,
and it wasn't long before the rain was
upon us. We all got soaked to the skin
not only from the rain, but from the crashing
waves over the bow of the boat.

Unfortunately, I had to put my camera
away as it was getting quite wet :(

I was in my element,
with waves crashing,
water splashing, the boat going
up and down and trying to throw
us out, going flat out back to shore.

Justin, our trusty Captain guided us
safely back into harbour where we were
able to dry off and head for somewhere to eat.

The view from our hotel balcony was beautiful
even for a city! Now, that's saying somethin'!

We were treated to a spectacular sunset..............
(amazingly, it even looks pretty over
skyscrapers? go figure)

And even better,
an awesome lightning show over the ocean.
I almost cried that I didn't have my tripod and
remote shutter with me, but somehow
I managed to steady the camera on the
balcony and get some alright shots.

So, come to the Top End,
you never know what it's going to
throw at you!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I wanted to post some photos
from Lydia Crowe (now Cotton)'s
wedding. It was an absolutely
beautiful wedding and God
honouring in every way.

We were so glad we could go and
I could play the piano.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Well, as you can see from my
non existent posts about our trip,
I've been far too busy to get time
to properly post any pictures or info
of our trip down south.

So, I am just posting a few pics
as I know you don't want
to look at all 8000!!

I may post some of other recent
happenings if I get a chance.

Not making any promises.
And for those who don't care,
it won't make any difference!

Our set up


Sinkhole Gardens, Mt Gambier

Grampians, Victoria

And, as I'm getting older,
I can so relate to this: