Friday, September 16, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

4WD Competition

And the winners were...........

Recently, our church held a
series of Dvd lessons on the
subject of marriage for couples
in the church.

At the end of the sessions,
we held a couples only 4WD competition
out on a property out of town.

The girls helped the Pastor and his
family to carve out a 4wd track
through the bush, with the help
of a chainsaw, machete and
good old hard work!

They did a great job making a
challenging course for us to use.

Emilee and Maddie even got to
drive the course in Pastors' Rodeo
to try out their handiwork.

It only took 10 years off
the passengers' lives, but hey,
they had a great time!

There were 3 main challenges
on the day.

First, the passenger had to balance an
egg on a wooden spoon
while the driver negotiated the course.
You had 3 eggs to go through
and YAY! I didn't break any,
thanks to Dave's awesome skills
behind the wheel.

Here's Abbi giving it a go.
She broke all 3. Ahem. Cough cough.

Next challenge was the bucket challenge.
You had to strap a bucket of water to the
bulbar and be the one with the most
water left in it at the end.

Not as easy as it sounds.
Then, lastly, the funnest part.
The driver (being me) was blindfolded
and guided through the course
by the passenger (being Dave).

This was really fun and challenging.
I haven't concentrated that hard since
well, um, have I ever concentrated that hard?

Anyway, I kept the blindfold on the whole
course, even on the trickiest parts
and by following Dave's instructions
to the letter, we managed to make it
through unscathed.

Abbi and James did really well with this
which was nice to see that they're getting
along so well already:)
It's a real trust exercise.

Ok, so James did guide Abbi into a tree branch
sort of, maybe not technically,
do a little damage,
but, the old 60 will live to see
many another day.

All the challenges were timed and points
given. And at the end of it all,
Dave and I came out on top!
Which, I suppose we should seeing we've
been married the longest!

Besides the fact that we're soooo

And just so you know
the old girl can still spin it's wheels.
(While being driven by a madwoman
in a blindfold on a 4wd track)

I've put together a short video of the day.
Unfortunately, there was no footage
taken of Dave and I driving,
so you'll just have to take our word for it.

It was a great day and we finished it off
with a BBQ and campfire.
Pastor Ken Chapman from Darwin
came down and gave us a good charge
and an object lesson to summarize
the whole series.

So, if you're ever in our neck
of the woods, come and join in the fun.
We may not do things in the way your used
to, but we do it Territory style!


Ok, so I have no time
to blog and write full sentences.

My brain has too many
tabs open at present.

So here's a random selection
of wedding photos for any
of you who haven't had enough yet:)

Boys will be boys

And Hannah will be Hannah!!

And Cam will be Cam!

And ain't love grand!

Ladies in waiting (except Abbi of course)

And when life gets boring,
play rock, paper, scissors!

Not available at this present time!

Awww! How sweet!

Yes, James, we are in the Territory,
but somehow I think this is still illegal!

Can I do this then, mum?

Sure. It's a long way back to town, tho!

Thanks to Lauren Drews and
Katherine the photographer
for these great photos!