Saturday, April 23, 2016

Yes, in case you haven't heard......

Abbi and James are engaged!!

So, watch this space for any updates!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Flying, the Big Smoke
and a Wedding

Chloe and I recently flew to Brisbane to
go to Jasmin Cavanagh's
(now Harvey's) wedding!

This was exciting for Chloe as she
hasn't been on a plane since she was
 3 years old and we visited PNG.

Leaving Darwin, we headed to the
Big Smoke, Brisbane, home of
absolute chaos! Roads that criss cross
every which way, skyscrapers, lights,
intersections, crazy drivers (okay, so there,
I fit in) and confusion everywhere you turn!

Okay, so coming from Katherine
with its 1 intersection that has traffic lights,
and arriving in Brisbane at night,
hiring a car, finding the motel etc etc.

Let's just say, it raised my stress levels
just a bit! And I now have a few more grey hairs.
But, thanks to good old Google Maps,
speaker phone and Dave's navigational skills,
we made it to where we needed to go!

It was a beautiful wedding,
and a lovely day, despite Chloe and I
ending up with a stomach bug that
I thought would end up with me
exiting rather quickly from my
vantage point up the front at the piano.

The girls looked lovely and managed to
not kill themselves in their super high heels
(how I don't know??)

All I can say is,