Friday, August 26, 2016

Maddie Turns 15

Yes, it's true. Maddie is now 15!

Wow, time flies.
She was always our accident,
looking for a place to happen,
but thankfully, she has grown out of that somewhat:)

Now, she is constantly reminding us
that it is only a year from now, and
she will be getting her learners!


Thursday, August 11, 2016


Recently, Dave was able to take a trip
with our Pastor and Pup and Lydia Cotton
and Lauren from South Australia,
to East Timor to help out the missionaries
Chris and Margie Smith, with some building work.

In all the madness of wedding preparation
and Dave arriving home a week before the wedding,
I somehow forgot to post some photos of his trip.

I was unable to go because of the wedding,
but I'm hoping to take a trip in the near future
to help finish up some of the projects with Dave.

It was a great blessing to those who went
and also to the Smiths.

A lot of building work was able to get done
despite the container that held a lot of the building
materials, not being released before they left.

They all worked some very hard and very long days
but the blessings outnumbered the sore backs.
God is working in East Timor and there
are many souls in need of a Saviour.

They all came back refreshed and encouraged
that they could be a blessing to others
and excited at what God is doing in East Timor.

Drinking Iced Tea and eating chocolate cake
on the beach in Dili with a family from the church

There is a lot of spiritual blindness in this country
and so many souls that need to hear
the gospel.

Isaiah 6:8

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying,
Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?
Then said I, Here am I; send me.

Oh that we would all have a heart to see
others saved and a desire to reach out to
our neighbour and to the ends of the earth
for the furtherance of the gospel.

Matthew 9:37

Then saith he unto his disciples,
The harvest truly is plenteous,
but the labourers are few;

Speaking from experience,
visiting a mission field with your family
is one of the greatest blessings you will every
experience and will change your view of
missions for ever.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2 Down and 3 to Go
and a ROOSTER steals the show!

Well, our house is a lot quieter after this weekend,
and there are only 5 of us sitting around the table
wondering where the time went..........

In only 3 short years of living here,
we now have 2 daughters married
(to awesome son-in-laws, of course)
and 3 left. Which by the way, don't come
calling, for any boys out there, because I'm over
weddings for the time being!!

After washing countless loads of washing
and trying to get the house back in order,
I am finally posting a few photos.
The ones from the photographer, you'll have
to wait for, as James and Abbi
need to see them first!

It was a beautiful day out at the Katherine Museum
complete with chickens, kangaroos
and the odd rooster hanging about.
One of which managed to steal the show!

For those who haven't heard or seen on social media,
we had a lovely black rooster that decided it wanted
to be a flower girl, page boy?? and calmly preceded
Dave and Abbi up the aisle just after the bridesmaids.
(I think it even walked in time to the music)

In looking at the photos afterwards, I noticed that
most eyes and cameras were focused on the rooster
instead of Abbi and Dave, but it was classic!!

It then walked around behind Abbi and
concentrated on the train of her dress,
which had me getting ready to
pounce the moment it pecked one of the beads off!!
(or pooped on it)

And not having had enough attention already,
it crowed throughout most of Grandpa's prayer!!
Not sure if he wanted him to stop praying
or was saying "Amen".

Well, if you want to feel old really quick,
just get 2 daughters married off in 2 years
and start the slippery slope down the other side
of 40, and you'll soon see why I have more
grey hairs than I used to.

God has really blessed and we are excited
to see what the Lord has in store for
our daughters and son-in-laws
and the future of our whole family.

Once you take away the army pants and knives,
they polish up pretty well.

And of course, you couldn't wipe the smile off Hannah's face!!

The girls with 2 of our beautiful youth group kids

A moment with Grandpa

Lauren and I created a masterpiece for the wedding cake

So the happy couple has driven off into the sunset
in their trusty old 60 series,
and as long it keeps running, they should return
excited and ready to start a new life together
(if it doesn't, we'll go and rescue them)
Either way, they'll be excited and ready to
start on their new adventure, facing it together!