Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's Emilee's 15th birthday today.
And yes, she keeps reminding me that its only
one year til she can drive!
Aaggh!! A one-eyed driver!
A real test of the fear factor.
And, here's a picture of Chloe
She turned 12!

And a special "cat" quote especially for Emilee
It suits us all around here:)

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Abbi finally was able to buy her 'dream' machine!
An old 40 series Landcruiser ute!
Go Toyota!!
Ok, so it needs a little work but it is
registered, just needs a bit of TLC.
It'll be a work in progress for us all!
Mainly Dave:)
Dave is madly jealous of it, as we all are,
but maybe Abbi will let us drive it now and then:)
We will definitely be removing the weird leopard skin
carpet like substance that is stuck to the roof???

She definitely won't be going fast,
and she only thinks she'll be able to go anywhere!

Oh, and in case you're wondering how
she feels about her new ute......
.....About like that!!
Ok, so maybe she wouldn't put it quite like that:)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Abbi's Birthday!
It was Abbi's 17th birthday on Wednesday
so sorry Abbi, couldn't resist posting an
old photo of you:)
She requested a black forest cake
for her birthday, so I decided to put it
into a trifle bowl, as the last time I made
one, well, it collapsed before it made it to the table!
In other news, we have enjoyed some nice
showers of rain lately to help cool things down.
When it rains, it fills up the gargantuous holes in our
driveway and the neighbour kids and our girls
love to splash in them!

And my random quote for today
that I'm yet to try on the Air Force personnel here:)
Have a great day!

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Upload
I've managed to upload another
hymn to the You Tube Channel
"Sweet Hour of Prayer"

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New You Tube Channel
To any who are interested, I recently
started another You Tube channel
called "Just Hymns"
I am only now getting around to
trying to record some videos for it.
I was able to pick up a video camera
for $10 at an op shop :)
(of course, plus bonus small digital camera)
and have been figuring out how to use it.
So please excuse my poor videography
and editing and sound. (I don't have a studio
and getting a piece of quiet around here
with girls and noisy neighbourhood
is just a dream).
I'm not super savvy on the computer
and for some reason it takes absolutely ages
to upload anything to You Tube,
no matter the size, so it will probably be
a while in between videos.
I hope to upload hymns and spiritual songs
for the edifying of others.
Here is the link to the first video.
"How Great Thou Art"
PS At our church at present I only
have a small keyboard to play
so I have to remember that I have all
the keys here at home on my piano.
Hence the mistakes and fumbles:)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Random Photos
Just thought I'd post a few
random photos with brief
Yeah ok, so this is seriously gross but
what is exciting is I bought my first ever
macro lens!!!! Well, it's exciting to me anyway.
I am still learning and don't have lots of
spare time to practice, but I'm enjoying it!

This little fella is cuter
Then, this past week I showed the girls how I
used to make candles with milk cartons,
ice, crayons, old candles etc.
We made a lot of mess but had a lot of fun
More fun was had by dipping our fingers into
the hot wax and making little finger tip molds;)
(Cleaning the wax off the plastic table
and off the timber floor wasn't so fun)

And just in case you've been missing the
truck photos, here are some:)
I was able to go with Dave on one of his old runs
to Roper Bar. We left at 4am and travelled over
some very wet and slippery roads,
but the rain stayed away and we didn't get
bogged or stuck anywhere.

Mail run

Another splash

This particular crossing was 6 metres over,
so, no, we didn't cross this one:)

This little ant nest fella is either blocking out
the noise or listening to his own.
The corrugates were at least a foot apart,
so, very bumpy and slow going.

Okay, I like strange photos
so I thought taking a photo through the windscreen
with the mud splats would make it more interesting.

The wet season has definitely settled in
and storm clouds are often on the horizon.


 And in other news
Chloe turned 12!!
(Oh, and I turned 39:)
Only one more year and we'll have 5 teenage
daughters for one month!! Eek!
Well, one is not at home now, so
maybe Dave won't have to run away after all:) 

3 more birthdays in the next 3 weeks
and we're done until August.
Too many birthday cakes doesn't do
wonders for our waistlines!
Have a great day!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Just posting a short video
of Emilee and Maddy's
progress with the whip cracking!
They've got the hang of it now
thanks to Cam letting them practice
with his new whip (even to the point
of 'whipping' the cracker right off the end!)
In other news.....
Dave turned the big 40 on New Years Day!!
Apart from the bad omen of his
candle not staying lit long enough to
blow it out, then the matches not
 relighting, then Dave having to light his
own candle to blow out....
it was a great day!
It's my turn next year!!
And here's some quotes just for Dave:)