Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beautiful Country
    Just wanted to share a couple of photos taken yesterday out our way. 
 Yesterday, Dave rang to ask me if I could drive out to Roper Bar and pick him up as he had to take his truck out there to leave with another driver whose truck had broken down. Now, Roper Bar is 290km from Katherine, so it was a little bit more than just down the road.
    Well, I took Chloe and Maddy and some water and crackers and off we went (after swapping Lauren's car for the cruiser). We headed out and off into the wild blue yonder. It was a great afternoon's drive, 3 hours one way actually, before I came upon Dave waiting for me beside the road next to a broken down prime mover (which was half on the road because they couldn't get it off the road due to the brakes being locked on).
    The dirt road that I had to drive on was so corrugated, I thought I'd loose all my teeth and that everything that usually rattled on the cruiser, would actually fall off!! None of which happened. I only had to pass a few roadtrains and 2 big quads (roadtrains with 4 trailers) from the mines. I just headed bush for the tabledrain and let them have the whole road to themselves!!
    Well, after refuelling the cruiser up at $2.20 a litre at the little Roper Bar store, we were headed back to Katherine. (The reason we had to refuel was because I hadn't spared the horses on the way and did 120 on the bitumen until I turned off the highway then 90 on the corrugates, you gotta skim across the top of them you know!) I know, you didn't think the old cruiser would go like that, but it does. It's held together by a lot of prayer, and dirt!
    Anyway, we made it home, tired but in one piece. So, I've just put some pictures on here that Maddy took and a couple of mine too and a video of our 'getting out of the way' for the trucks. Oh and at the end of the video, Maddy is trying to count the tyres, but the truck went too fast for her!

Here's a shot of the road and it's corrugates!
Termite nests are abundant out here and in varying colours depending on the soil
Had to cross the Roper River, don't think I'd swim in it tho....Crocs!!
Dave thumbs a ride!
And here's the video!
Hope you enjoyed the news.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Latest News

Well, we have just finished a week of having mum and dad visit, which was great. They had to suffer with the very hot temperatures that we have here in the Top End, but hopefully, it was all worth it! The 40 + degree weather even saw mum jump into our pool to cool off! The girls and I got to drive up to Darwin to pick mum and dad up, so we were able to squeeze in 3 hours of speed shopping to pick up stuff we needed. And of course, we managed to get in 2 op shops before the plane landed.
We have started back to school again, much to the girls (and my) dismay! Next weekend, we will have the Hockey's back to visit with their 6 boys, so the house will be very much alive again!
Today we visited 2 garage sales and bought up BIG!! Dave is working, so hopefully, he'll like what I found. Some real bargains!! I was so excited at my great finds! Here is a picture of some of it!

I found some more 'old stuff' for my antique shelf, which is already over full, so I think I'll put my order in for a bigger display cabinet! Found a gorgeous old Remington typewriter, some old sewing things, old metal pails and some great baking tins. And of course, my windmill!! Always wanted one of those! Found Dave some great tools and rope and such, so he'll be happy!
The girls were very excited at finding an army backpack complete with hoochies, hats, mossie net, canteens, camo cover, knife and even some very old coffee sachets and matches (which they kindly donated to my antiques shelf). Of course, Emilee grabbed the knife!

So, Chloe and Maddy have happily been playing in their 'shelter' complete with their MRE ration pack, but the heat has driven them back inside.

10 Great things about living in the Territory!
1. You can drive at 130km/hr (that is providing you have a car that actually goes that fast without      blowing something up or boiling, which we don't)
2. Truck drivers don't need a log book (which can be a bad thing when your husband is able to work 21 hours straight!)
3.  You don't need to wear a bicycle helmet (we don't have any bikes yet, so this doesn't apply so far)
4.  Learner drivers don't need a logbook and only have to have their learner license for 6 mths before they can go for their P's! (this has made Abbi very happy)
5.  You can get a 10c refund on all your cans and bottles (we've done pretty well seeing all the cokes we drink)
 6.   You can keep rabbits legally! (Our rabbitsitting is going well as they haven't escaped yet)
7.  You can leave your washing on the line overnight and it's dry in the morning, or hang it up for an hour during the day and it's dry (for those of you who live in Malanda, you'll be jealous)
8.  Tying down a load on your ute or trailer is an optional extra (which is not so fine when a drum of av gas goes awol in the back of the truck your husband is driving)
9.  Being a Territorian allows you to get into Kakadon't, I mean Kakadu, for free! (haven't been there yet)
10.  And last of all, if you like very loud and annoying music, you can play it all day and all night at 1 billion decibels, and it's perfectly fine (at least, our neighbours like to think so)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Edith Falls and the Leliyn Trail
Just sharing a couple of pictures from our little 3km hike we did yesterday up above Edith Falls, 60km out of Katherine. We hadn't had a chance to go before because of Dave's crazy working hours (90 hours last week, 80 hours the week before), so we headed off yesterday morning around 8am to try and beat the 40 degree weather.
We hiked up to the upper pool and had a wonderful refreshing swim and then back down to Edith Falls which was beautiful as well. Definitely worth another visit. In the wet season it floods, so is often closed, but hopefully, we can get in a few more visits soon. It was a very hot and sunny, cloudless day, so we were all happy to cool off after our walk. 
Heading out to Edith Falls. There has been a lot of bushfires lately so there is a lot of burnt country.

Beautiful scenic view from the walk
Emilee sits on the edge
It was so nice to have some family time adventuring! It's in our blood since our recent jaunt around Australia, we just don't have much time anymore!
Stop the world! I want to get off!
We just had our first rain storm this afternoon! I was so excited and had to run around in it. I managed to take a video, but not until after the wind had died down as I was too busy playing in the rain to remember! My bad!
This is the first time I've uploaded a video so I hope it's ok. I noticed the quality is not as good when it's resized. Hey, I'm learning! Do I look like a computer geek??

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yeah! It works!!

Ok, so it looks like it's working now! Thanks to all who have signed up. I'm just posting this so you can see what it is you get on your email for those who don't know! Some of us (myself included) are a little slow when it comes to technology!! Like it that way!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Still Working on it!

Well, I'm still trying to get this 'follow by email' thing to work, so I've decided to post again and see what happens this time! Here's a couple of pics of Chloe's cast that she got us and the Hockey family to sign.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Life is Crazy but Fun!

Well, the last few days in the Holmeses house has been crazy, noisy and fun. We have had the Hockey family with their 6 boys staying with us. The girls have been really enjoying the company and have been busy playing ping pong, swimming, having nerf gun fights, eating heaps and lots lots more. Dave has been busy working so we haven't seen much of him unfortunately. We are going to rabbitsitting the Hockey's 2 rabbits while they are away so that will be a new experience for us. 

10 kids in the kitchen doing the dishes!! And my kitchen is not very big!! (one is missing).

We blew up all the inflatables and put them in the pool to add to the mayhem! Unfortunately, they have mostly all deflated themselves :(  
And here is a picture of sweet little Isaac!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chloe's Latest Adventure!!

Well, Chloe now has a cast for her green stick fracture that she acquired yesterday after falling off her skateboard.  Unhappily, we were just able to set the pool up and fill it today:( The Hockey boys are having fun enjoying the water with the girls, but Chloe has to miss out for now. And in 39 degree weather. Here's a picture of her sad face.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Chloe's version of gardening!

Just wanted to see if I could post a photo! This is all new to me, so I'm learning and don't have much time at the moment, so just thought I'd give it a go. Enjoy.