Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Each year, on Mother's Day,
I take a family photo so we can see
how much the girls have grown
and how fat and old Dave and I have gotten:)
This year, Abbi will be away, so
I decided to take an early family photo.
And here is a picture of Dave's girls....

Ahem...........  :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Just wanted to send this post to see if you have been
getting our recent updates?? I have been having
trouble receiving them and found that something
had been 'deactivated', so I am hoping that it is now
put right and you will receive your posts by mail again.
If you can let me know that you have received the last post
that would be great. If you didn't get them,
hop online and check them out!
And your laugh for the day!

Friday, April 25, 2014


We were able to go to the Anzac Day service today,
our first here in Katherine, and wow!
I didn't realise how small our Malanda service
was until today. This one was huge!!
I guess we do have an air force base here,
which makes a difference.
Well, the parade was different.
It was the first time I had seen a Road Train poking
along behind the last Police vehicle,
waiting to get through Katherine:)
And countless others passing by on the other side
as the service and parade was in progress.
Also, we had a fly over of 3 Hornets
which was awesome! The only
problem was that I didn't know when it would happen
and was changing my camera battery and only
just managed to snap one pic.
If you look in the lower left hand corner,
you'll see a street light.
Here's the tribe (plus 2 joeys) just before the parade.
We were in the middle of the street.
Of course, I didn't stay there, preferring to run
about the place in search of great photographic material.
I have uploaded a short video of some of our service
for those interested.
Dave brought his prime mover home on Wednesday
night so we could clean out the fridge and make
his bed for the next morning's 3am start.
It was pretty awesome seeing it sitting outside the house.
Hopefully the neighbours didn't mind the backing beeper
noise at 9 at night, oh, and leaving the next morning:)


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just when you thought you'd had enough
chocolate for one year..........
How about 5 kg of Nutella!!!
Yes, I did say 5 kg!! At Brumby's, where Abbi works,
they've been making Nutella Hot Cross Buns
by the truckload. Well, now Easter's over, they
no longer need the Nutella, so,
Abbi got to bring one home.
Cam generously agreed to be the first taste
tester:) And yes, he did put that whole spoonful
in his mouth! Don't think he'll want anymore for a while!

What a pity I had just decided to go easy on
the chocolate again...........hmmmm?
Maybe, you have this problem?

Camping in the great outdoors
On Friday, we were able to get away
for one night to go camping.
We travelled out to Gorrie Airfield,
an old WWII airbase about 2 hours
south of Katherine.
It was so nice to set up camp,
build a fire (which I did all by myself
while everyone was out exploring),
and just enjoy nature.
Of course, we had to take our 2 joeys with us,
fortunately, Willem is doing a lot better now so
he wasn't so much trouble. We had to hang them in
the camper trailer once we were there, so that they wouldn't
 escape into the wild prematurely:)

We were hunting around for treasure when I noticed
a concrete slab with 2 steel boxes on top.
(afterwards I found out they were toilet holes)
Anyway, I lifted the lid on one and thought
'oh  that's deep', then took another look and hurriedly
put the lid back down to call Dave.
Inside was a huge olive python looking up at me menacingly!
Phew! But then, of course I had to have a photo, so
I gingerly held the camera over the hole and clicked away!
 Well, we were unable to uncover any great treasures
(except my snake), but had a great time exploring
and of course, the girls had a ball riding in the back of
Cam's ute and flying down the airstrip!
Well, he couldn't quite manage to get it off the ground
as the old girl just wouldn't do it!
It was fun trying anyway:)

Make sure you check out the video below,
for a funny tongue-in-cheek look at
Cam's ute!
NOTE: For those of you reading our blog via email,
and still not able to view videos,
here is how you go about it.
On the email post, just move your cursor over
the title 'Life at the Holmestead', that is above
the post. You will then be able to click on
it and it will take you to the webpage where you
can scroll down until you see the video.
Hope that helps:)
On the way home, we stopped at Elsey Cemetery, 
near Mataranka, where Aeneas Gunn is buried,
from We of the Never Never fame.
A very interesting place, and once again,
beautiful Territory skies overhead.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

For those interested....
I have just uploaded a song onto You Tube called
 "Lover's Tarot" by David Lanz.
Sorry about the title. Not my choice :(
I love to play his music and I am trying to master
 many of his songs at present.
I fear I am a jack of all songs, master of none :)
Link to the song is below:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And in other news......
We are 'babysitting' another joey
for a few days. It is a little male,
named "Willem". He is not as cute and
a whole lot more trouble as he is not very
    well at the moment, so Maddy has her hands
very full with him, and we seem to be doing
 a lot of extra washing!
We have shifted an old greenhouse around the back
and turned it into a 'joey pen' for Star to play in.
It already has built in sprinkler system
which will be good to get the grass to grow
through the dry season.
And for those who don't know, we were able
to buy the house we are renting, so we can
now make changes as time and money allows.
We hope to put up a couple of sheds and
build in a little downstairs as we have a lot
of stuff under the house that doesn't fit in
the house, and Dave has no shed!
We don't have a lounge room either, but
that's beside the point.
Anyway, we're looking forward to
the challenges that lie ahead.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sumo Wrestlers
Maddy was definite winner here
having extra weight on her side.
Human Foosball
They only let one goal through
so their team won. 4-1. :)

Fly Wall
(Chloe on the wall)
The wall and suits are Velcro,
and the idea is to jump up and stick
to the wall! Not as simple to achieve.

And make sure you watch the video below
of the girls in action!!
More exciting happenings tomorrow....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sorry, just had to post this one
It's just too good to miss!
Have a nice day, and go shopping
just so you can try it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just a Reminder
Hey, just wanted to remind those of you that are
subscribed to our blog, that when you receive
the posts by email, it will not have the videos
on it. You have to click on the blog title
to go online to the blog page to be able
to view the videos.
This may clear up some confusion as to why
I say, "here is a video of..." and there's nothing there!
If you have trouble viewing them,
you may have to update your Adobe Flash Player.
Not that I'm a computer tech or anything:)
Also, I have adjusted the comments box so
that you can comment even if you don't have a google account,
so feel free to make use of it!
And just because you expect it of me,
here's an inspiring saying for the day.........
Well, works for me anyway!
Try it sometime!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Free Fun in Katherine!!
As it is National Youth Week, the YMCA
is putting on a lot of free activities for the kids.
So, yesterday, it was a pool fun avo.
Chloe and Maddy got to have a go at the rock climbing,
which soon became a favourite and they scaled it
numerous times. Chloe seemed to be the reigning champion
for speed and agility! ( I still remember finding her at
the top of a ladder when she couldn't even walk yet! )
There was also an inflatable obstacle course in the pool.
Chloe was pretty speedy on this too, but Maddy
gave her and others a run for their money.
There were free smoothies, sausage on bread, lollies,
jellybeans, waterbottles, bags, bracelets etc.
Needless to say, we came home with a lot of stuff!
Here's a short clip of the rock wall climbing
And the inflatable obstacle course
Keep an eye out for the next instalment.
Inflatable sumo wrestling suits, the fly wall,
inflatable foosball etc............

Beautiful Bitter Springs
Mataranka, NT
If you're ever over our way, you need to visit
the beautiful hot springs in Mataranka,
about an hour and a half's drive away from Katherine.

We hadn't had a chance to visit since we moved here,
having stayed there on our travels around Australia.
On Saturday, we needed to go to Mataranka,
so decided to drop in for a dip.
This waterhole is warm and crystal clear.
It is up to 3 metres deep in places and you
can see right to the bottom. There is a slight
current flowing that takes you downstream.
Don't bother trying to swim back upstream
unless you're an Olympic swimmer.
On this particular day we had it almost to ourselves
which was lovely. There were overhanging spider
webs all along with huge spiders dangling, so as
long as you didn't jump up or wave your arms, you were fine :)
It was kind of eerie swimming with goggles on and looking down.
It's like swimming on the reef, but it's white sand, algae, moss
logs, little fish and all sorts of slimy stuff.
Oh, and Dave found $2!!

There were also hundreds of dragon flies too,
in a variety of colours.


Looking back upstream

Idyllic I know.
Until you have to get out and walk back
up on very sharp pieces of gravel!!
But well worth it!

Monday, April 7, 2014

And other random stuff.............

So, on Friday, I take Maddy and Chloe and go
to the Railway Bridge (over the Katherine River)
so I can take a photo of Dave driving by with
his new truck and 3 trailers.........Pause for effect..........
Ahem....This is the part where you
 are supposed to suitably impressed!
Right, now we got that sorted.
Anyway, we walked out onto the bridge and I
start taking test shots and we were soon greeted
by 2 slightly intoxicated locals. cough cough.
After I finally made out what they were saying,
I realised they wanted me to take a photo of them
with the girls. Anyway, it was an interesting
story to tell when Dave got home as I almost missed
him going by because of the hold up.
Well, they're famous now as they've made it to our blog.
Well, I had a heap more photos to upload on another subject,
but my computer just decided to not do it,
so hopefully tomorrow. Don't go to far away!
New Place to Meet

Savannah Way Baptist Church now has another
place to meet! This past Sunday, we held our first
morning service in a rented building in town.
($20 for the morning! air con included!)
There is a nice sized meeting room with a kitchen,
and a lot of space outside that is undercover or
under the trees, for the Sunday school classes.
This is a real blessing as we have been praying
for a more suitable place to meet for a while.
Up til now, we had been meeting in the function
room of the motel on a Sunday night.
The only down side is that we have to use a keyboard,
and for those who've been around a while, in Malanda,
you know my reputation with keyboards!!
Hmmm. I don't know why they have to go
and put all the beat buttons right under
the hymn book holder! And where are all the keys gone?
Well, no mishaps this week, so I'm happy!
Here is a short video of the kids singing
(and yes, the girl with the hand over her face,
is Emilee! Typical!)