Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lauren's engagement ring has finally arrived!!
After waiting almost 2 months for it to arrive
after being backordered, she can finally put
it on her finger!
At least it came before she got married:)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Top things Territorians NEVER say

Recently in the NT News I came across this article and it was so true and funny
that I thought I'd share it with you.  If you've lived in the Territory for any length
of time, you'll so relate to some of these. (Not the beer ones, of course)
I had to censor some of them, so pay no attention to the numbers being mixed up
or the spacing or the indenting etc etc, my computer has it in for me
and often has a mind of its own!!
Remember, these are thing that are NEVER said!!
16.I'm uncertain if this car will last the journey
17.I reckon one carton will be too many
18.These thongs are worn out, better throw them away
1. Mate, I think you should read the instructions on those fireworks.
2. Living in the Territory is really affordable.
3. Let’s go swimming!
4. There really isn’t enough crocodiles in the Territory.
5. That esky looks way too big.
6. Should I wear a tie?
8. I think I have a drinking problem.
9. I should use some antiperspirant.
10. You’re underdressed.
11. You’re overdressed.
12. You’re not dressed.
13. Let’s just catch the bus.
14. I’ll just leave the door unlocked.
15. I wish we had Melbourne’s weather.
33. Should we buy a parking ticket?
34. That duct tape will never hold.
35. The council will get that fixed ASAP.
36. Mate you should stand well back from those fireworks.
37. It’s too hot for a beer today.
38.Officer I think the flares are out of date on my boat
 would you mind checking them for me?
17. We don’t need an airconditioner.
18. Our politicians are a trustworthy lot.
19. I watched a really interesting program on the ABC last night.
20. What would southerners think?
21. I think I’ll give the fireworks a miss this year.
23. Sorry mate, I can’t go fishing because the wife wants me to do some chores.
24. But what if they find out I’m not really sick?
25. Please don’t get in the ute tray, it could be dangerous.
26. Sorry, I don’t have enough seatbelts to fit an extra person in the car.
27. Nah don’t bother with the jumping crocodiles.
Would you like a lend of my lures?
  2. Sorry, I don’t eat barramundi.
  1. Let’s just park further away and walk from there. 
  3. Mate, you definitely shouldn't tamper with that croc trap
40. I can’t believe how little that coffee cost.
41. I think my council rates are calculated fairly.
42. I can’t believe how quickly they brought out my meal
43. I think I’ll buy a smaller, more economical car.
44. No, I don’t have a spare stubbie cooler.
45. We won’t need insect repellent.
46. I’m worried my dog is going to maul someone.
47. The bread will be fine outside of the fridge.
49. I really enjoy working at the Health Department.
50. That petrol is quite reasonably-priced.
I’m uncertain if my outboard is in reliable condition,
perhaps we should give fishing a miss this long weekend.
53. It’s too early in the morning to start drinking.
55. You can always trust the NT News.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is us at the show:)

Well, it's that time of year again, and we've just had a big weekend of
show rides, show food, loud music, rodeo fun, dirt, dust and craziness!
Dave was able to make it home at midnight the night before the show holiday
so we were able to all go as a family, which was great!
Emilee and Maddy
This year we were able to enter some of the competitions, and brought home
some prizes (prize money was very minimal but it's still exciting seeing
your entries with certificates on them).

I gained a 2nd in photography portfolio.
Abbi got a 2nd in photography and a 1st and also the “Outstanding Junior Exhibit”
for her beautiful Table Runner that she made with Aunty Caroline's help!
Lauren got a 1st and 3rd for her adorable fabric origami placemats.
Maddy got a 1st for her cross stitch.
Chloe got a 2nd for her very creative and adorable vege sculpture.

Anyway, it was great fun.
Some cute kids watching the action
We had fun watching the lawn mower racing, which turned into
dodgems and cheating,a great laugh (a new thing this year
with only 3 entries, next year watch out, we're on the lookout for a ride on now!)


This was a horse and 'car' barrel race competition

Maddy came 2nd in the watermelon seed spitting contest and also
in the elastic sided boot toss!
This year we didn't compete in the wheelie bin races as I felt too old,
Cam was afraid Lauren wouldn't be able to pull him along in a bin :)
and Emilee didn't feel like making a fool out of herself.

This little piggy went to the show!

Of course, the highlight of the show for us is the rodeo!
We went to both nights to catch all the excitement!
There wasn't too many spills this year and turnout was down on last
year, but we still managed to get dusty
and do some yelling and take lots of photos.

It's great to be able to stand right next to the rails and stand stock still when a bull
rushes toward you! Okay, so we've had our adrenalin rush for the year!
We came home very dusty and tired but had a great time. 
Here is a video clip of some of the action!



No, she doesn't have her license yet (very soon though), but
she now is proud owner of a Hyundai Accent.

I know, I know, it's not a Toyota (again), but beggars can't be
choosers. It goes like the wind and I am quite enjoying the speed,
not having had that for a long while with our veteran vehicles.
We are getting quite a collection in our yard now.
We now have 2 Ford Falcon sedans
(Laurens. One is for parts), a Toyota Hiace (dying
a slow and painful death),
 a Toyota Landcruiser (dying a very slow and painful
death), a Nissan ute (doesn't go, yet),
a Hyundai Accent, a camper trailer,
a tandem car trailer and a box trailer.
Hmmm, did I get them all? Oh, and of course
Cam's Hilux when he's visiting.
(he has taken his box trailer, except the
 half finished one he's building).
Add to that a whole bunch of bulker bags
and crates full of cans for the metal
recyclers, a whole lot of tools and boxes
of books etc not unpacked etc etc
and well, you've got the picture.
We fit in very well around our neighbourhood!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On a totally random note, here's something you don't hear every day.
Yesterday Dave did his regular run to Timber Creek (3 hours away).
This time, one of his pick ups was a small saltwater crocodile:)
Yes, I did say a saltwater crocodile.

Our friend, Phil, who owns a local restaurant, is going to put this
little fella in a large tank for tourists to look at and keep replacing it
as it grows, with a smaller one as he's only allowed to keep a certain size.
Well, how do you, transport something like this you ask?
Easy. Tie a rubber band around its snout and shove it in a cooler bag.
Yes, a cooler bag like you put cold stuff in!
Territory style! Only one problem.
This particular bag had a little hole in it.

Second problem. It was sitting in the sleeper of the truck while Dave was driving.
You can probably see where this is headed. Anyway, while driving along merrily,
Dave heard something rolling around in the sleeper. Thinking it was a plastic bottle
or something, he wasn't too worried, but pulled over as it was an annoying noise.

Well, to his surprise, the little blighter had gotten out
and was making a great escape from
his safe little bag into the vast interior
 of the sleeper. Needless to say, he took a bit of catching
and Dave's nervousness at the chase,
before Dave had safely stowed him away again.
Dave had carted him around for almost 11 hours!
Luckily, the croc survived the ride and so did Dave.
Never a dull moment on the road, that's for sure.
Here's a picture of what it would have looked like:)
Cute, but they don't stay that way!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well, the last few weeks have been very busy around the Holmestead,
with wedding preparations, holiday kids club, school, life etc.
Some days I seriously have thought of banging my head against the wall
until I pass out! (well, maybe I wouldn't go that far)

Anyway, I am going to do a few posts as time allows and upload
some photos for you to get some visual pictures of our latest
escapades (if that's the right word??)

Maddy and Abbi Clean Up

Just recently, Abbi, Maddy and I entered into a local photo competition
showcasing the NT region. Of course, I won nothing, but Maddy got a 1st
and a 3rd while Abbi took out a 2nd prize and the local members award
which means she now has her prize winning photo on a postcard to be
sent out all over the Katherine region by our local member. Woo Hoo.
So, while I forked out the entry fees and printing fees, the girls raked it in!
Sigh :(
(or for us Aussies, “Holiday Kids Club”)


Just this past week we were able to help out at a 5 day long (each night) bible club
at our church. Lauren was busy getting all the crafts together for each
night. This took many weeks and lots of preparation, and was an immense
task that turned her room into a mess of used toilet rolls, string, paper plates,
cellophane, dinosaurs etc. The theme was creation and the kids had a great
time and hopefully learned a lot too.
I had the easy task of getting the music together for the songs we
sang. The kids had fun singing at the top of their lungs songs like 'Creation, Creation'
(compliments of Lauren, Linet and co writing this song many years ago),
the "Woodpecker Song" and “Behemoth is a Dinosaur”.
Abbi gave a hand getting the snacks together for each night
that were also themed to fit in with the lessons.

Cam helped out with games.

Everyone involved put in a big effort!
Here is a little video snippet of the kids singing!
(In the Woodpecker song, we had a little woodpecker
toy sliding down a pole and we were trying to beat it
to the bottom, hence the speed of the song!)
And that's all for tonight,
 stay tuned for the next
exciting installment in our crazy lives!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

THE BIG BANG.........
Well, Territory Day is behind us now, and we
managed not to blow ourselves or any body parts up!!
This year, we spent a bit more on fireworks,
thinking that we'd get some BIG bangers,
but alas, we found that we needed to spend
about 4 times as much to be able to set off the really big ones!
So, here's some pics of ours.
Well, we had fun letting off our little fireworks,
whilst watching the neighbours blow up hundreds
of dollars worth in just a few seconds!
In our neighbourhood, the sound of popping started around
5:30pm (half and hour early) and kept on until midnight.
Since then, we've heard some every night.
There is a hefty fine for having them in your possession
after Territory Day, so we used all ours up.
And, I've uploaded a short video of our own fireworks show!
And here is some cuteness for you!
We have just added a kitten to our family.
Her name is Ellie and she happens to be very cute!
Well, we have had our 2 weeks off school
and thankfully I managed to get all the sewing done
so it's back to work next week.
Life goes on................