Friday, December 26, 2014

at the Holmeses
Abbi plays in the mud

Well, we don't celebrate Christmas in
the ordinary way.
Around here there's no presents, just
This year we added in a little whip cracking
(thanks to Cam's new whip)
and also 4wdriving!!
(also thanks to Cam's influence!)
I have uploaded a short video below
of our whip cracking attempts
for you to laugh at:)
We drove out of town to pick up something
Dave had seen on the side of the road
(very common for us), only,
we got sidetracked down a muddy track.
We drove down to see the river and did
a little hill climbing seeing
the track was slippery.
I have uploaded a short video below of this
first driving episode for you to watch.
NOTE: I don't know why they call
it 4WDriving, as you only need 4WD
once you're stuck otherwise
it takes all the fun out of it??
Looking out our back windscreen

Once we were tired of hill sliding,
we tackled the muddy puddles.

I had a lot of fun videoing the comings
and goings. Especially Abbi's first attempt
at taking on mud!
I managed to hit a small tree but
mainly because I was trying to get
the old girl to go sideways
and Dave had given me permission
to be an idiot!!
What a laugh, slipping and sliding!
 Another Abbi splash
Please watch and enjoy the video below
for the full effect of our experiences!
As you can imagine,
by the end of all this, our cars
were filthy and so were we!
The reason everyone had one dirty arm
In this photo, Cam is not being gallant,
he was actually threatening to dump Lauren
in the mud, but he repented of the deed!
Not surprisingly, on the way home
the old girl starting making strange
and ominous knocking noises,
but she made it home anyway!
(This could well be her final farewell)

All in all, it was a great day.
We had our pastor and family over
that night for homemade pizzas
and delicious desserts!
(Lemon meringue pie, chocolate meringue
pie and frozen Tiramusu icecream cake,
not to mention Dr Pepper and A&W Root Beer!)
Hope you enjoyed another
day in the life of the
Holmeses (and Drews)


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Ok, so I'm hopping onto my soapbox here
and in case you don't already know,
I have a little thing against the constant
use of mobile phones!
I know they have their place,
but does anybody besides me get really
annoyed when they're trying to have a conversation
with someone who is continually txting
or facebooking or whatever you can do on these things??
Well, I recently came across this great project
called the "No Phone", and I just had to have one.
Here are some of its selling points:
And hey, I got the selfie upgrade (yes another pet hate, who
wants to see a photo of someone's face that's
taken at such an angle that you either look
up their nose, or down it, making it much
longer than it really is??).

Yes, it has a thing called a 'mirror', so you can
'take a selfie'! Or clean your teeth or arrange
your hair etc.
And here's some of the instructions that came with it:
Toilet bowl resistant!!
Now, that's got to be a plus doesn't it?
Oh, and shatterproof! And waterproof!
Basically, put down the phone,
and LOOK UP!!
It's amazing what you can miss while
 you're gazing at a screen.
God's beautiful creation passing you by,
a smile from a stranger,
a hurt look in your child's eyes,
a word of encouragement,
a word of advice,
someone that needs us,
and the list goes on.....
Now, I'm not saying that I'm perfect,
I've been guilty of ignoring others
around me because of a screen,
but I think we all need a wake up call.
Nothing can ever replace face to face
conversation and interaction.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Random Stuff
Well, I just thought I'd post some random happenings
here in the Holmes' household.

We are taking a break from school and seeing
"Schooling stifles my creativity"
(I just discovered that today),
I have done something creative in the kitchen,
first time in ages! Ha ha.
No, seriously.
I made Linzer biscuits with some cute vintage
cookie cutters I found at my favourite place to shop.
The op shop!
They were very fiddly but I enjoyed it.
I even took some to the ladies at the op
shop to show my appreciation;)
 You might remember, this time
last year, we had a bikky decorating morning
with friends. Well, this year, the girls and I
just did it on our own.
We took the table and all the trimmings,
into Abbi's bedroom to do because she has
the most space and also air con!
I think it would have been an epic fail if we
had tried to do it in the 40 deg dining room.
Well, as always, Lauren's were the prettiest
and most meticulous,
but Chloe made an adorable little duck........
And Emilee...........well, she made one too.
(Look away if you're squeamish)
It was missing a head,
so she made the most of it:)
In other news,
we have set up our pool again,
after finally getting the pool fence up.

And of course, we needed some very
important signage!
And some more..........

And I have another in the making,
but I'll keep that one to myself for now.
After taking a couple of days for it to fill,
we have discovered 2 lovely little holes
that are squirting out water. Sigh.
I think one of the many neighbourhood cats
that seem to make our house their home,
might have been stretching its claws on it
and it didn't show up until the pressure of the water
forced it to show itself.
Anyway, we'll figure that out later.
We'll enjoy it while it lasts.
In other, not so recent news,
I spent some time helping Dave out
at work for a few days in a warehouse.

It was at least 45 deg under the hot tin roof
and minus 20 deg in the freezer.

Absolutely painful going through
a 60 odd degree difference!
Anyway, it was all a new experience
and the best part
(besides getting to spend time with Dave)
 was that I learned to drive
a forklift! They are so much fun!

I can now add that to my growing repertoire
of vehicles that I've driven or ridden.
If you're wondering why there hasn't been
any truck trip photos lately,
it's because, after much prayer,
Dave stopped doing the long haul
driving as getting home at midnight
most nights was wearing very thin for all of us.
He is now working local for the same company
and only occasionally has to do an out of town run.
He misses the driving and adventures,
as we all do, but it is much better for
our family life and church ministry here.
Well, that's enough news for now.



Friday, December 12, 2014