Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Well, on Saturday I was able to spend the day
with Dave, carting hay.
The only difference this time,
was that I got to drive the road train!!
Yes, I did say DRIVE!!!!
Me with my rig!
Dave needed someone to go with him
to drive the truck while he loaded the hay
with the Manitou (forklift), as the haystacks
were very far apart and in different paddocks
and he couldn't do both things.
So he suggested to his boss that I go along
and she said "Yeah, let her drive the truck!"
Well, as some of you already know,
I love to drive anything with wheels (or tracks
or whatever) and will
give anything a go!
So, how about a triple road train?
Yeah, that means 3 trailers!
Always wanted to drive a truck!
It was a lot of fun.
I had to take it through a narrow gate
and also around a right angle corner that
looked like you'd never get 3 trailers around it.
(Dave actually had to clear some of the
scrub with the Manitou before
I could attempt it)
But with Dave's expert guidance walking ahead
of me, I made it without mishap.
Got to see this crazy whirly-whirly!
And at the end of our 12 hours carting hay,
I was nice and dusty and dirty!
I have uploaded a video for you, to prove my story.
This is me, driving through the paddock:)
 Here is another video of me driving the Manitou!
(Yes, I had to try that too. I loaded one bale of hay
just to give it a go)
Okay, no more truck stories for today.
Guess I'd better get back to wedding preparations.
PS. It's Maddy's 13th Birthday today,
so we now have 4 teenage girls in our house!
Yes, you can all feel sorry for Dave now!