Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, Dave and I took a week long
trip to Tasmania. Yes, on our own. Without the girls!
It was freezing cold but we saw some beautiful
scenery and even got to see snow on
top on Mt Wellington! This was Dave's first time
to see snow so it was very exciting! It actually snowed
too! Lightly but still snow!
It was also -1 deg, so seeing we weren't dressed
for the occasion, we didn't stay up there too long.
Just long enough for Dave to build his very first snowman!
We stayed in some beautiful bed and breakfast accommodation
and ate out at some great restaurants. I drooled over
 all the beautiful historic
buildings and antiques shops, which I wished
I could bring back with me.
I did buy an antique WW1 camera and we brought Emilee
a French Revolution bayonet back to add to her collection.
 I took thousands of photos, of course, so instead of
trying to share them on the blog, I have put together a
video/slideshow on YouTube for you all to look at,
if you're interested. I will warn you, it is 14 minutes long
and I challenge any of you to extend your attention spans
to watch the whole thing! It has pretty music, if that helps.
Just click on the link below to take you there.
We didn't see any Tasmanian devils, but we saw
lots of rabbits! The top temperature was 18 deg,
but amazingly, we acclimatized pretty quickly even
though it was 40 deg when we left Katherine!
Well, enjoy the photos!