Wednesday, April 29, 2015

There is Nothing
In my devotions this morning, I came across
this poem and thought about God's faithfulness.
Do we count God faithful when the showers
of blessing don't seem forthcoming?
Elijah did.
"There is nothing"- though the raindrops
needed sorely and so long
Have been promised by Jehovah,
by the Father true and strong.
And the sky is blue and cloudless,
and the earth is parched and dry,
Yet no showers are forthcoming
 from the reservoir on high.

"There is nothing"- but the prophet knows
 and trust his Master's word;
He is not a senseless idol,
but the mighty powerful God.
He has seen His wondrous working,
 he believes Him faithful still;
So he humbly waits in patience
for Jehovah's simple will.

"There is nothing"- oh, how often
 doth the enemy declare,
Nothing for your constant wrestlings;
nothing for your cries and tears.
And the faithless heart says "Nothing,"
though deceived she ne'er has been,
For the little cloud so longed for,
at the seventh time is seen.

"There is nothing"- but there shall be:
God is still the Great "I AM."
He is NOW Almighty, faithful,
and forevermore the same;
And the tears, and cries, and wrestlings,
have recorded been on high;
Not forgotten , nor neglected,
to be answered by and by.
-James Boobbyer