Thursday, July 2, 2015

Well, we were able to celebrate our
3rd Territory Day here in Katherine,
and as usual, it was a BLAST!
Went off with a BANG!!
No, seriously, it was a lot of fun.
After prayer meeting,
we headed across the road armed with our
haul of fireworks, and started making
noise and smoke!
We managed to get some big bangers
this year and were quite excited
at how far up they went and the noise
they made!
Chloe and Maddy had made
their own homemade fireworks
with sparklers and I don't want
to know what else, but luckily
they didn't blow up in their faces
or anything dramatic like that.
It was a great night, dampened only
by the fact that Dave then had to go
back to work and head out to Numbulwar
for an overnight run:(
And one last thing........