Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Picnic Day, NT
What is Picnic Day you ask? Yeah, well
so did I. So, according to the internet:
Picnic Day is a public holiday in the
Northern Territory of Australia
which takes place every year on the
first Monday of August.
It was originally declared a public holiday
to commemorate the freeing of the
 Chinese Coolie indentured labourers
who built the Darwin to Larrimah
 North Australia Railway
So, there you have it!
Our thought process went more like this:
Picnic Day. Public Holiday. No work.
Must be to celebrate picnics?
Gotta go on one then!
And, so we did.
Only, the catch is, that us Holmeses tend to
like to do extreme things, so, our picnic
was to take us on a 900 km round trip
from Katherine to Timber Creek to Top Springs
and back to Katherine again.
Which looks something like this:)
A big loop.
The Stanleys and James came with us
so we had some other crazy people
excited about doing a long trip on a day off.
We left at 7am and arrived home at 10pm.
Dave had just recently done a run out there
in the truck and seen some pretty scenery,
so he decided to show us all.
There was also some tracks that he hadn't been on
(seeing he couldn't take a road train down them)
but wanted to explore.
All in all, it was a great day,
but if we ever ask you if you'd like to go on
a picnic with us.....BEWARE!
I've put together a short slide show for
you all to enjoy.