Saturday, February 6, 2016

End of 5 Teenage Daughters Month

Well, as of Lauren's 20th Birthday yesterday,
(Happy Birthday Loz!!),
we no longer have 5 teenagers!

Dave and I have been away for the
past 17 days,  so Cam and Loz have had an
instant family and done a great job
of 'babysitting' for us :)

So, because of being away I wasn't able to
post any photos of the girls all together.

And thankfully, we don't have
teenagers like these.........

In the coming days, I'll be posting some of
our 8000 +km trip, where of course
I took as many photos as kilometres:)

Sneak peek:

Had to go back and visit one of my favourite places

Epic Dust Storm on the Stuart Highway

Watch this space!!