Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Recent Camping Trip

A couple of weeks back,
because of Dave's work schedule
and not being able to go away
for any length of time,
we headed out of town a short ways
to have an overnight campout.

We were all missing a good campfire,
the crystal clear skies,
the billions of stars in clear view,
the taste of billy tea,
the smell of wood smoke,
the warmth of a swag on a cool winters' night,
and of course, tasty roasted marshmallows!

The girls recently bought their own swags,
and Dave and I have our rooftop tent,
and Abbi has the back of her ute,
so we were all set.

Now, I know we could do all of this
in our backyard, but it's just not the same!

There's always the noise from the neighbours,
ranging anywhere from laughter to all out brawls,
sirens from a passing police car, or two,
annoying loud music from someone who needs a
hearing aid, lights from houses
and car headlights, fireworks randomly going off,
and the list goes on.

Oh, and of course the visit from the
fire department wondering what we're doing
with a roaring bonfire in our backyard
possibly spreading and setting the town on fire.
Bah! Spoilsports!!

Anyway, even tho it was brief,
it was wonderful and we look forward to
doing it again soon. It was also Abbi's last
chance for a family campout before
she gets married:)

And of course, it gave me a chance
to take some photos.

As you can see below, I tried getting
some pictures of the girls together,
but Chloe, in her element, had to ham
it up with her machete.
(and no, they haven't joined the army
reserves, ok. Op shops are handy places.
Now to find me some that fit!)

Some star shots (which actually show a shooting
star which you of course can't see
because the photo is too small,
so just trust me, ok, it's there),
glow sticks jewellery and sparklers

And some firelight portraits