Saturday, April 15, 2017

Clouds and Windscreens

Yes, I know. Random title for a blog post.
But, you'll understand in a minute.

Wet season is almost over, so I've had to make
sure I get outside and take some last snaps
of the dark grey clouds before all we see
is blue sky for 6 months!
Yay! Bring on the Dry!

Now, onto windscreens.

Since getting our old Hiace back from
getting it's 'new' motor in, we've been sporting
the latest fashion in bus rear windows.
(that's another story)

Well, on Wednesday, we were finally able to
replace the cardboard with a more permanent
window that doesn't leak or go soggy and need
replacing after every storm.

So, we move onto Thursday evening.
Being the awesome man that Dave is,
we headed out to do a recovery of a very bogged
vehicle for a friend of ours.

Yeah, he was stuck!

Long story short. We couldn't get him out.
But Dave gave it his best shot, but the mud
just wasn't letting go without a fight......
or in our case, a busted rear window
for the cruiser this time!
(the anchor point on the bogged vehicle
decided to give way and send the D shackle hurtling
back towards the cruiser, smashing
through the back window,
after denting the back door, and landing
safe  and sound, on the back passenger seat.

We rejoiced that it didn't travel into the front seat
and into Dave's head, and also that there was
no one else
in the vehicle at the time.
(the glass shards made it to Dave's
hair and clothes and
all over the cars interior, but that's an easy clean)

Emilee got to do her first recovery attempt
and her muddies just dug in and spun.
(tried pulling with 2 vehicles, but still the mud
refused to give up its prize)

I have put together a short video for you
to enjoy all the action.
Right down to the 'smashing' of the window,
and the snapping of the snatch strap in another attempt.


(which I'm sure you will, as it's not your cruiser!)

After videoing the action for a while,
I became mesmerized by the ominous clouds
overhead and focused my attention on them instead.

After a while, the heavens opened up,
and down it came. All the way home.
Another new experience for Emilee.

Driving in the pelting rain, in an unfamiliar paddock,
splashing in the mud,
manoeuvring through washouts,
not able to see a thing because
the windscreen won't unfog,
and struggling to get the window
wound up in the process.
(Oh yeah. And guess who got the gates?
Yours truly)

But hey! It was another Holmes family adventure.
And we wouldn't trade them for anything!
That's what memories are made of.

Hmmm.... now I guess we start hunting around
for a new back door, preferably with a window in it.