Saturday, March 31, 2018

Edith Falls

Well, it's not very often that 
we have a day when everyone is off work,
 and yesterday that was the case, so we were 
able to take a short drive to beautiful
Edith Falls for a cool dip. 

I was reminded, after a short hike up to the Falls,
that I am no longer young and fit as I once was.
But, it was well worth the walk.
Apparently, everyone else thought so too, as it was
a very popular place, being about the only
place there ISN'T crocodiles! 

Emilee prefers not to swim,
so she sat contentedly by the 'stuff',
while the girls and I clambered over rocks
and jumped into the roaring waterfall
and glided down the rapids ( I collected a few rocks
in those little jaunts, with my back that is! ) 
Dave was happy to just sit in the shallows and chill. 

On the walk back, I was very excited to see
the sky darken and a huge raincloud form
with amazing awesomeness! 
(someone, somewhere was getting very wet)
So, many photos were in order. 

Needless to say, the girls were beginning to wonder
where Dave and I had gotten to, having already made it down,
but they should have known, as I had my camera with me. Duh!! 

Just another reminder of God's awesome power
and goodness to us in blessing us with the beauty
we see all around us in nature.