Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Alice and Back 

Last week, Dave and I took a whirlwind
trip to Alice and back. 
Dave needed to look at and test drive a
possible upgrade to our old and frail milk truck.

So we jumped in Emilee's trusty ute, and headed
off into the sunset (well, actually Monday afternoon
around 2pm, after Dave's milk run). 

The trip down the Stuart Highway is so beautiful
and scenic, so I was kept busy happily snapping away. 

We drove til midnight, then camped on the back
of the ute til morning and headed off again. 

At one point, as Dave was adjusting the lights,
I took this 'trippy' photo of him and when I looked
at what I had taken I saw his face eerily reflected in
the bonnet. Oooo. Creepy! (not his face, just the effect!)

After arriving in Alice and taking a quick 
look from the lookout while waiting on the truck,
we were able to take the truck for a test drive
(which had Dave drooling and setting it to cruise
control and heading home - until I reminded him
we'd better turn around and take it back).

Yeah, I know, we're getting old,
and I'm not really taller, he's slouching and 
I'm standing tall:) Plus, we're grandparents,
so we have a right to be old! 

Well, all in all, after a 13 hour drive to 
get to Alice (1181km), 
we spent 5 hours there, then turned around and 
headed for home for the next 13 hour drive,
as Dave needed to be up 
at 3am Thursday to do his deliveries. 
We arrived home Wednesday night. 

A familiar sight for us as we weren't doing the 
130km/hr speed limit (neither was this truck),
so we were overtaken many times. 
We were happy sitting under 100. 

One of the 'exciting' things that happened
on the way home, was a battery issue
that saw Dave hiking 1km up the highway
and trying to flag down a passing motorist,
to no avail, until I climbed on top of Emilee's
cage on the ute and waved my arms in the 
air at a 4wd driving by on the overpass. 
Yeah, it would have been an interesting sight,
but you do what you can when you have no reception
and you're stuck with no idea of when you'll be unstuck. 

A lot of praying happened and the Lord answered and
sent someone along to give us a jump start.

When we were almost home,
I was able to pick some of my favourite
'weed' flowers from the side of the road 
to take home a lovely bouquet for myself. 

(It's our anniversary soon and we won't
have time to do anything special, so our
little Alice trip was our special time away) 

Isaiah 40:8

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth:

but the word of our God shall stand for ever.