Thursday, August 9, 2018

Canning Stock Route 

Our Trip

Day One

Well, I am finally getting started on blogging some of our 
trip details and pics.

Life here has been pretty crazy since getting back,
and so this will be a long and slow process,
which hopefully will not bore anyone to tears. 

Once I get to the actual Canning Stock Route 
part of the trip, I'll give you some history and info
on it all (for those interested), and if you're not
interested, then you can just be lazy and look at 
the pretty pictures and carry on with your ADHD. 

Well, we celebrated Territory Day on the 1st of July,
with Cam and Lauren, Abbi, James and Miriam, and Laine.
We enjoyed watching the boys light up the sky with all kinds of 
fireworks. And apart from one firework going AWOL
and hitting James (don't fear, no harm done), we 
had a good last night before our trip in the morning. 

After getting business attended to and last minute packing,
we headed off on our adventure mid morning, coffee in hand 
and ready for whatever our trip would throw at us! 

Emilee, Maddy and Chloe were all squished 
into the front of Emilee's ute, with plenty of music and
 lollies at the ready. (more on them in later posts)

Our friends that we were travelling with had gone on ahead
of us, so we met up with them in Kununurra. 

The only thing they confiscated at the border was our
unopened bottle of store bought honey. 

Our first night was spent in a lakeside caravan
park in Kununurra. It was peaceful and had nice
hot showers, which we would soon miss in days to come. 
The boab trees along the way were magnificent and 
abundant and came in every shape and size, ranging from
little baby ones to giant whoppers you could house a whole family in! 

The morning found us making sure we had 
our last minute coffees and fresh fruit and veges, 
and off we went! 

To be continued...……………...