Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beautiful Country
    Just wanted to share a couple of photos taken yesterday out our way. 
 Yesterday, Dave rang to ask me if I could drive out to Roper Bar and pick him up as he had to take his truck out there to leave with another driver whose truck had broken down. Now, Roper Bar is 290km from Katherine, so it was a little bit more than just down the road.
    Well, I took Chloe and Maddy and some water and crackers and off we went (after swapping Lauren's car for the cruiser). We headed out and off into the wild blue yonder. It was a great afternoon's drive, 3 hours one way actually, before I came upon Dave waiting for me beside the road next to a broken down prime mover (which was half on the road because they couldn't get it off the road due to the brakes being locked on).
    The dirt road that I had to drive on was so corrugated, I thought I'd loose all my teeth and that everything that usually rattled on the cruiser, would actually fall off!! None of which happened. I only had to pass a few roadtrains and 2 big quads (roadtrains with 4 trailers) from the mines. I just headed bush for the tabledrain and let them have the whole road to themselves!!
    Well, after refuelling the cruiser up at $2.20 a litre at the little Roper Bar store, we were headed back to Katherine. (The reason we had to refuel was because I hadn't spared the horses on the way and did 120 on the bitumen until I turned off the highway then 90 on the corrugates, you gotta skim across the top of them you know!) I know, you didn't think the old cruiser would go like that, but it does. It's held together by a lot of prayer, and dirt!
    Anyway, we made it home, tired but in one piece. So, I've just put some pictures on here that Maddy took and a couple of mine too and a video of our 'getting out of the way' for the trucks. Oh and at the end of the video, Maddy is trying to count the tyres, but the truck went too fast for her!

Here's a shot of the road and it's corrugates!
Termite nests are abundant out here and in varying colours depending on the soil
Had to cross the Roper River, don't think I'd swim in it tho....Crocs!!
Dave thumbs a ride!
And here's the video!
Hope you enjoyed the news.