Monday, October 14, 2013

Edith Falls and the Leliyn Trail
Just sharing a couple of pictures from our little 3km hike we did yesterday up above Edith Falls, 60km out of Katherine. We hadn't had a chance to go before because of Dave's crazy working hours (90 hours last week, 80 hours the week before), so we headed off yesterday morning around 8am to try and beat the 40 degree weather.
We hiked up to the upper pool and had a wonderful refreshing swim and then back down to Edith Falls which was beautiful as well. Definitely worth another visit. In the wet season it floods, so is often closed, but hopefully, we can get in a few more visits soon. It was a very hot and sunny, cloudless day, so we were all happy to cool off after our walk. 
Heading out to Edith Falls. There has been a lot of bushfires lately so there is a lot of burnt country.

Beautiful scenic view from the walk
Emilee sits on the edge
It was so nice to have some family time adventuring! It's in our blood since our recent jaunt around Australia, we just don't have much time anymore!
Stop the world! I want to get off!
We just had our first rain storm this afternoon! I was so excited and had to run around in it. I managed to take a video, but not until after the wind had died down as I was too busy playing in the rain to remember! My bad!
This is the first time I've uploaded a video so I hope it's ok. I noticed the quality is not as good when it's resized. Hey, I'm learning! Do I look like a computer geek??