Thursday, November 14, 2013

Well, we have finally gotten our first real rain storm of the season!! Yes, it actually does rain here. After 6 months, this wet stuff fell from the sky and made puddles (which of course we had to splash in).  We had 28mm on Sunday and then another 7mm yesterday. I have uploaded a short video just to prove it.
Note: I have noticed that the videos don't come up on the emails so you will have to come online to our blog to view them. And about the quality, sorry, when I resize them so they're small enough, they lose quality. 
And here's a couple of photos too.
And our lately cleaned pool:)
After going GREEN and being refilled!
And a puddle!!
As to life here at the moment, Dave is kept busy at work. Looks like he's on course for a 100 hour week this week :(
 The girls and I are flat out trying to get caught up with school.
Lauren is busy working at the child care 4 days a week and Tafe 1 day a week. She is also trying to finish her year 12 schooling and teaching the
5 and unders, Sunday school class.
 Abbi works at least 2 times a week at Brumbys. She also helps out with crèche at church and occasional baby sitting.
Emilee helps out with crèche at church too, and keeps busy antagonising her sisters and playing with knives and wishing she had a tree to climb.
I have been busy trying new recipes to improve our health and well being
 (and the results of too much free bakery food).
I am also teaching the 6 to 12 year old Sunday school class for a while.
The girls have enjoyed being able to cool off in the pool every day.
Chloe and Maddy keep busy setting up different shops, dressing up, pulling things apart with Dave's drill (and rendering them completely useless) and basically being very creative and imaginative.
I have been scouring the local paper every week for garage sale bargains!
We are supposed to get 2 new split air con systems in this weekend
in the girls rooms, so that's a plus.
And that's life!