Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just posting a couple of latest photos
We recently had the Hockey family staying with us on their way back to the station. They were taking 10 baby chicks back with them. They were so fluffy and cute!! 

The sunset from our back verandah.
We were given a huge bag of stale bread for horse food (Hockeys couldn't take it with them for lack of space), so Chloe and Maddy put it to good use and set up a bakery! Abbi kindly told them the names and prices of the different breads and they were on their way! (which reminds me, it's still there in their cupboard!
Luckily it's not in Malanda, or it would be very green by now)
Dave's been busy working and today is no different. He is off to a mine about 500km away. It's an 8 hour trip one way. Home tomorrow. I took him out some coffee before he left. Half of the tautliner is taken up with 4, yes I did say 4!!! tyres! Also taking 2 water tanks each 3.5m wide and a large generator and I don't know what else!
By the way, that's Lauren's car in the picture for those who don't know.
 I know, it's a Ford! An ultimate "Holmes" sin,  but beggars can't be choosers!
And finally, something to sum up our life! Enjoy:)