Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthdays, that is.
It was Emilee's birthday yesterday
and because she loves lollies so much,
her cake was easy.
Mix some ice cream up with nerds
 and chocolate chips
and M & M's. Pile it up with lollies
 and popping candy
and presto! We're done!!
Who needs candles when you have lollipops?
Yep, there's 14 of them.
Ok, yes, this cake didn't take as long as the others,
but hey, the ice cream was melting
(even at 10:30 at night,
which was when we were arranging
 it as Dave has just gotten home).
And yes, it popped in your mouth
 and crunched enjoyably.
Actually, did you know when you sprinkle
popping candy onto ice cream it actually
pops up and shoots you in the face?
Well, it does. Makes awesome sounds too.

And, keeping with the theme.........