Monday, January 20, 2014


Well, we received a new addition to our family on Sunday.

Photos courtesy of Maddy
As you probably already know from previous posts,
Emilee's main interests are, climbing trees,
 collecting and throwing knives and animals.
Well, seeing we didn't have any animals and didn't
have any climbable trees and Emilee already
has enough knives, we got a kangaroo instead.
I know I know, they're a pest. But you must admit, she is cute?
I have become a wildlife carer (as you have to be over 18),
 so that Emilee can look after some animals :)
I am responsible, but she does the work.
Nice arrangement. Although I couldn't sleep
last night worrying about the silly thing.
Seems weird buying baby wipes again:)
So, meet little Star. Bottle fed every 4 hours,
but she sleeps through the night, so that's nice.

We have been busy sewing little liners for her 'pouch' and modifying bags to suit.
She got to go to church last night and was very well behaved.
In other news, we've been having a lot of intermittent rain this past week,
so I've had to hang the washing under the house as you can't ever
tell when it's going to downpour. Rain rain go away!
Our cruiser has begun to smell like it did in Malanda. Stinky!
(It leaks in case you're wondering)
Abbi's birthday is tomorrow and she's hoping to be able
to get her Learner's. Guess I'll be kicked out of the driver's seat again.
Lauren has her P plates now so has reclaimed her car.
And this will be the case very soon!