Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An update on the weather
The water level ended up reaching
just over 13m so we've had our
rain excitement for the year now.
I have so many pictures I'd like to post as so much has been
going on lately, so I'll start with some of 'Star'.
Sometimes, she 'helps out' with Emilee's Maths!
She needs to use the calculator tho.
Other times, she just likes to look cute.
Seeing she really is going to be a Star,
(she's on Facebook and is soon to be in
Jo's new recipe book),
she's working on melting everyone's heart.
Apart from the times when she's scratching you with
her deadly paws because she wants to get down.
Yes, she can hop now!

And, much to Emilee's horror (when she finds out I've
posted this picture), here is a lovely photo
taken by Linet when she was here.

On to other things.......
I was able to go with Dave out to Timber Creek last week
on a routine run that turned out pretty exciting.
We got stopped at a creek waiting for it to go down,
for 2 hours, along with a bunch of others.
 Trucks, locals, tourists and yes.....idiots!! 
The picture below made it to the Northern Territory News.
I took a video of this idiot crossing the flooded bridge
and nearly getting swept away in the process.
We were able to get across once it was down to just under a metre.
Along the way we saw some beautiful scenery.
There were some awesome red cliffs with waterfalls
cascading over them. Wow!
At the roadhouse at Timber Creek, the owner made us
a burger with the lot for our long journey home.

We went through a lot of water on the way home
and some torrential rain, but it was great.
I only took just over 400 photos!


Enough about the weather, and onto
Lauren's 18th Birthday!
With 3 extra teenagers in the house, and girls at that,
life was very crazy, noisy, and giggly for a week!
Our girls often sit on the end of our bed
(or on it) to chat to us at night, but now there was a crowd!
Dave didn't mind so much as he now had 3 extra slaves!
Vegemite toast and a glass of water was ordered.
Well.....that meant a few cups of water and
toast cut into tiny pieces, each on their own
little piece of paper towel!

And this was only the beginning of craziness. All in all, we had
a great time as you will see with my next post,
when I sort out the 600+ photos took of Lauren's Bday week!




Oh, and this is too cute to miss