Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well, after going crazy in the party section of
Spotlight in Darwin, we were all armed
with crazy headgear, leggings, face paint,
gloves, tiaras etc.
So, back in Katherine,
 in fine style we made our way into town
and tried to make a statement.
I don't know what kind of statement,
but that's not the point.
Unfortunately, there wasn't as many
people in town that particular day,
but we still got some 'looks' and laughs.
Here are the girls checking the mail
And Maddy with her very yellow and large glasses
And Abbi talking to her workmates at Brumby's
Her boss was so kind as to give us all come
 chocolate éclairs to devour while we shopped.
Shopping in style!

Self Explanatory :)
Emilee with her Joey in tow.

Goofing off on an old train in Katherine
All dressed up for church
Before we dropped the girls off in Darwin,
we went to the Wave Lagoon down
on the esplanade. Great fun!
Just like a real beach, but without the
Northern Territory Crocs!
 And that will about do it for now.
Hope you enjoyed the pics.
And a HUGE thanks for Linet, Jasmin and India
for coming and making Lauren's birthday so
special and adding another 3 females
to our household to add to the bedlam
already present here!