Sunday, June 29, 2014

Homemade Fireworks
With Territory Day coming up on July 1st,
we are all excited about the prospect of
trying not to blow ourselves up with
fireworks, but having a blast!!
Chloe and Maddy decided they needed to start
early, and so, thanks to a neighbour's instruction,
they built their own homemade sparkler bombs!
So far we haven't lost any limbs or singed any eyebrows.
I have uploaded a short video of their efforts.
Pretty impressive for a first go.
In other news:
Dave has just returned from a trip to Brisbane.
He was away 8 days, which was an
 eternity for us left at home:(
He had an awful time with Brisbane traffic,
trying to find the right routes for a truck to take,
accidentally taking the wrong road which led him
through the Clem 7 Tunnel
(with a trailer on and maybe 20cm clearance)
and a whole lot more.
Anyway, we are all so glad to have him back home
and he is very certain that long haul truck driving is not for him!!
The girls and I have taken 2 weeks off school for a break
and a chance for me to do some sewing for the wedding.
It has been a crazy week, but we're getting there.
Lauren's car broke down in Darwin,
the day Dave left, so it has been a source of
frustration for Cam, trying to work on it.
But, today they made a break through into
the reason why it died,
 so hopefully it is on the mend.
Abbi is still looking for that perfect first car
to buy and is busy getting driving lessons
in the hopes of getting her license in July.
That's all folks!
Keep an eye out for our next
 blog post that will
be full of fireworks excitement!!