Saturday, July 5, 2014

THE BIG BANG.........
Well, Territory Day is behind us now, and we
managed not to blow ourselves or any body parts up!!
This year, we spent a bit more on fireworks,
thinking that we'd get some BIG bangers,
but alas, we found that we needed to spend
about 4 times as much to be able to set off the really big ones!
So, here's some pics of ours.
Well, we had fun letting off our little fireworks,
whilst watching the neighbours blow up hundreds
of dollars worth in just a few seconds!
In our neighbourhood, the sound of popping started around
5:30pm (half and hour early) and kept on until midnight.
Since then, we've heard some every night.
There is a hefty fine for having them in your possession
after Territory Day, so we used all ours up.
And, I've uploaded a short video of our own fireworks show!
And here is some cuteness for you!
We have just added a kitten to our family.
Her name is Ellie and she happens to be very cute!
Well, we have had our 2 weeks off school
and thankfully I managed to get all the sewing done
so it's back to work next week.
Life goes on................