Tuesday, September 16, 2014

After the Wedding...............
Well, after Lauren and Cam drove off into the sunset,
the ones left behind, namely the family,
set off for some adventures of our own.
The first little trip we took, was to visit
Mataranka and of course, a swim at Bitter Springs.
On our way to Mataranka, we did something
I've wanted to do since we moved to Katherine.
Dress a termite mound!!
If you make you way to Mataranka,
you will see, by the side of the road,
many termite mounds that travellers have
dressed in many different ways.
Well, I had just the dress, and we found just the anthill.
She was even already sporting a face,
thanks to some other passerby,
complete with a redback spider on her nose!
We had a great time dressing her, and as Dave
goes by there 4 times a week, he is keeping
an eye on her progress. Someone has already added
a hat, which is great, she needed one under the
scorching Territory sun!
Her name is Hilda.
So if you're passing by, stop and say hello to her for us!
We also took time to visit the old Homestead of
"We of the Never Never" fame.
Grandma and Pa were happy to be surrounded by
almost all of their granddaughters!
(Minus Lauren, Brianna and Ellia)
Here is a short video clip of swimming in the
crystal clear, Bitter Springs.
(funny, I saw some tourists drinking it to see if it was Bitter:)
The next outing was a trip out to Katherine Gorge
and a short steep walk up to the lookout
(where Cam proposed to Lauren)
Grandma even climbed to the top in her
heeled shoes!! (see video below)
A beautiful view!
(The view, I mean, not the girls)
A few shots of some of God's beautiful creation

 And another Territory day ends
with bats screeching overhead and the gentle
lapping of the water against the jetty.
(actually, maybe not so gentle when we tried to get it rocking
just to see who would squeal!)

And of course, we did the rounds of all the shops in Katherine
to prove that we actually have everything we need here
and a lot we don't!
The weather was beautiful with crisp, cool mornings which
stopped abruptly with everyone's departure.
We are now having wonderful dry, hot days
ranging between 36 and 38 degrees!
So, no more need for jackets or doonas around here!