Wednesday, September 24, 2014

...............the mice are at play
Well, last Saturday, we took Abbi, Emilee and Maddy
up to Darwin to catch the plane to Cairns
so they could go to youth camp in Malanda.
That means that Chloe and I are home alone!
(Well, in the daytime at least, while Dave's at work)
So, we've been trying to do special things together.
We've been op shopping and out for coffee
and yesterday we got to go with Dave to Timber Creek!
Chloe really enjoyed getting to ride in the sleeper
and sitting perched on the fridge in between our seats.
On this particular trip, we had to go out to the Bradshaw
training ground. This is where they send the army and
air force for training etc.
Crossing the bridge to get into the grounds
 Crossing the Victoria River
Dave breaks in (well, not really, he was given an entry code)
Looking back up the Victoria River
I just loved this sign. It's a classic!
What exactly do they mean by "anything"??
Victoria River
There is some amazing scenery out there.
You pass through these beautiful ranges where
the cliff faces are red and tower above you.
 Sorry, same truck, we followed him for a while:)

All the photos were taken out the windscreen
or windows while driving, but you get the idea 
Well, that's about it for now. Dave is off tonight on
his long run and this time he has to head out
to Western Desert so won't be home til Friday late.
So, Chloe and I still have a lot to do off Chloe's
"to do with mum" list, so I guess we'll keep
busy while he's away.
And I leave you with this great thought!