Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Ok, so I'm hopping onto my soapbox here
and in case you don't already know,
I have a little thing against the constant
use of mobile phones!
I know they have their place,
but does anybody besides me get really
annoyed when they're trying to have a conversation
with someone who is continually txting
or facebooking or whatever you can do on these things??
Well, I recently came across this great project
called the "No Phone", and I just had to have one.
Here are some of its selling points:
And hey, I got the selfie upgrade (yes another pet hate, who
wants to see a photo of someone's face that's
taken at such an angle that you either look
up their nose, or down it, making it much
longer than it really is??).

Yes, it has a thing called a 'mirror', so you can
'take a selfie'! Or clean your teeth or arrange
your hair etc.
And here's some of the instructions that came with it:
Toilet bowl resistant!!
Now, that's got to be a plus doesn't it?
Oh, and shatterproof! And waterproof!
Basically, put down the phone,
and LOOK UP!!
It's amazing what you can miss while
 you're gazing at a screen.
God's beautiful creation passing you by,
a smile from a stranger,
a hurt look in your child's eyes,
a word of encouragement,
a word of advice,
someone that needs us,
and the list goes on.....
Now, I'm not saying that I'm perfect,
I've been guilty of ignoring others
around me because of a screen,
but I think we all need a wake up call.
Nothing can ever replace face to face
conversation and interaction.