Thursday, January 15, 2015

New You Tube Channel
To any who are interested, I recently
started another You Tube channel
called "Just Hymns"
I am only now getting around to
trying to record some videos for it.
I was able to pick up a video camera
for $10 at an op shop :)
(of course, plus bonus small digital camera)
and have been figuring out how to use it.
So please excuse my poor videography
and editing and sound. (I don't have a studio
and getting a piece of quiet around here
with girls and noisy neighbourhood
is just a dream).
I'm not super savvy on the computer
and for some reason it takes absolutely ages
to upload anything to You Tube,
no matter the size, so it will probably be
a while in between videos.
I hope to upload hymns and spiritual songs
for the edifying of others.
Here is the link to the first video.
"How Great Thou Art"
PS At our church at present I only
have a small keyboard to play
so I have to remember that I have all
the keys here at home on my piano.
Hence the mistakes and fumbles:)