Saturday, January 10, 2015

Random Photos
Just thought I'd post a few
random photos with brief
Yeah ok, so this is seriously gross but
what is exciting is I bought my first ever
macro lens!!!! Well, it's exciting to me anyway.
I am still learning and don't have lots of
spare time to practice, but I'm enjoying it!

This little fella is cuter
Then, this past week I showed the girls how I
used to make candles with milk cartons,
ice, crayons, old candles etc.
We made a lot of mess but had a lot of fun
More fun was had by dipping our fingers into
the hot wax and making little finger tip molds;)
(Cleaning the wax off the plastic table
and off the timber floor wasn't so fun)

And just in case you've been missing the
truck photos, here are some:)
I was able to go with Dave on one of his old runs
to Roper Bar. We left at 4am and travelled over
some very wet and slippery roads,
but the rain stayed away and we didn't get
bogged or stuck anywhere.

Mail run

Another splash

This particular crossing was 6 metres over,
so, no, we didn't cross this one:)

This little ant nest fella is either blocking out
the noise or listening to his own.
The corrugates were at least a foot apart,
so, very bumpy and slow going.

Okay, I like strange photos
so I thought taking a photo through the windscreen
with the mud splats would make it more interesting.

The wet season has definitely settled in
and storm clouds are often on the horizon.


 And in other news
Chloe turned 12!!
(Oh, and I turned 39:)
Only one more year and we'll have 5 teenage
daughters for one month!! Eek!
Well, one is not at home now, so
maybe Dave won't have to run away after all:) 

3 more birthdays in the next 3 weeks
and we're done until August.
Too many birthday cakes doesn't do
wonders for our waistlines!
Have a great day!