Friday, February 6, 2015


Well, I have done some research and
discovered how to make my videos smaller
so they don't take so long to upload!!

So I have uploaded a couple more hymns.
If you're interested to read the description,
I have the lyrics to the hymn and also
who wrote it and possibly a link to the origin
of the hymn. There are some amazing stories
of how certain hymns came to be written.

They weren't written for some album
or for some manager or for someone to make
famous, they were truly written from the heart
and often after very difficult circumstances.

Here are the links:

Jesus Paid it All

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

I have also been trying to learn how to use my
new macro lens and yesterday bought
myself some beautiful red roses to hone my skills.

For some reason, the colours and intricate detail
don't come out on the blog like they do in real life,
and on my computer :(
Guess you'll just have to imagine.