Saturday, February 14, 2015

Well, last night we had our first
youth group with the younger kids
from age 5 and up!

This was so exciting as we were
able to bring along 9 from our neighbourhood
which amounted to 22 kids total at
Youth Group, plus 5 leaders!

Our old bus of 704 000 kms was full
and overflowing! Praise God!!
We had a great time and so did the kids.
We are praying about whether the Lord
wants us to keep this age group going as
there seems to be a lot available in Katherine
for the over 10 year olds, but nothing
for the younger ones.

Currently, we have Youth Group for
ages 10 - 17 and the plan is for a once
a month treat for the younger ones to attend.

The Lord blessed and the kids were very
well behaved and no one got hurt!
(Despite Cam being in charge of games)

I have uploaded a short video below
of some of the action.
Because of the length, I had to resize it
so it is better to watch it small as
it gets fuzzy when you make it big.

In totally other news, your
cute 'AWWW' factor for the day:

We have 3 new kittens living downstairs
thanks to Emilee's ability to attract  
every stray cat in the neighbourhood,
by feeding them daily.
At any time there may be 7 or 8 cats
lying around our yard, or under a car
or in a hidey hole somewhere.
Dave is threatening to relocate them all!