Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just some thoughts of mine....
"Redeeming the Time"
Thank the Lord for each and every new day.
It's another opportunity to make good the wrongs of
yesterday. God is long suffering. He gives us
 a new day, knowing full well that we could fall
flat on our face and fail Him. Yet he gives it anyway.
He gives us another chance to be a shining light in a
world of darkness.  We should see every day,
not as a day to fill with business
without any thought of Him.
Not a day just to get done what we neglected
 to do the day before.
But a new day to serve Him. 
He gives us a fresh new page to write on.
A new day to speak out for Him. 
Another day to glorify Him.
So each and every day,
make sure to thank the Lord for it
and redeem the time!