Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Katherine Gorge
After over 2 years of living here,
we were finally able to take a
cruise up the Katherine River to take
in the beauty of the Katherine Gorge.
We took a dinner cruise that started at
4.30pm and finished around 8.30pm.
It was absolutely beautiful to see the sunset
on the river and the gorge cliffs.
We cruised along as we enjoyed our
meal and watched the colours
of the sunset reflecting off the
rock faces and in the water.
And the company was good too.
Dave and I were able to take
our Pastor and his wife while
the girls watched their boys at home:)
I have uploaded a short video
so you can take in the beauty
for yourselves. But if you're
ever over our way, it's a must see!

(I'm sorry for the blurriness of the video
in full size. It drives me crazy, but I
don't know how to fix it as once I resize
it, it loses it's pristine quality)