Saturday, September 12, 2015

Timber Creek
I know I've posted heaps of photos
of the drive out to Timber Creek,
but every time I go out there,
the landscape looks so different depending
on the season. It's a beautiful drive.
Dave and I went out last week to pick
up a trailer load of cans for the recycle place,
so we were able to camp out overnight for
something different.
This was actually the first time
we have camped out by ourselves,
not in the truck or with the girls.
So, we had our own little fire
(except that it wasn't really cold enough
for one, but hey, you HAVE to have a fire
to boil the billy and relax).
Then we slept under an amazing sky
of billions of stars, wild donkeys hee hawing
as they clip clopped past us in the night,
crickets chirping, birds calling and
well, you get my drift:)
Ah, livin the dream, livin the dream!
Anyway, it was nice. Dave did some metal
detecting at an old racecourse and I explored
and picked up odds and ends and took photos.
A dingo was uninterested in us passing by
and so were some other wild donkeys along the way.
And of course, I had to take a rearview mirror shot:)

Well, if you're ever over our way,
we'll take you for a scenic drive:)