Friday, June 3, 2016


What is it that keeps two people married to each other for 50 years? Well, firstly,
it's God's grace, goodness and mercy.
But it's also love, respect, trust,
understanding and patience.

Marriage is not a 50/50 arrangement, but rather a 100/100, giving of oneself to the other person, sacrificially, not expecting anything in return. A non conditional love built on a strong foundation, God's Word, and a deep seated faith in God and an unswerving love and devotion to each other.

When I look at my parents and their relationship, I want to reproduce the love they have for each other in my own marriage relationship. Their example is an encouragement to me to follow.

I want to be celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary in years to come and have my grandchildren look to Dave and I in wonder and admiration for our commitment
and faithfulness to each other.

Growing up at home, I was continually given a wonderful example to follow by my parents, on how to be married and stay married. How to love, how to be true, how to forgive, how to appeal, how to submit, how to rule, how to show compassion, how to be kind, how to admit wrong,
how to love without strings attached.

I knew they loved each other. It was evident to me every single day. I saw it in the way they looked at each other, in their actions, their words,
their service to each other.

I never had to fear that my parents would decide to not honour their marriage vows. I always knew that they would work out any difficulty, with God's help, and move on to build
a stronger and healthier relationship.

There's a whole lot more to “in sickness and in health” than meets the eye. Mum and Dad have been in the ministry for a long time, and anyone involved in ministry, especially pastoring, knows the hardships that it can bring. The struggle to keep going when everything screams quit,
give up and find the easy life.

I remember times when money was tight, when working with other people's problems meant spending less time with the family. I remember the constant stream of visitors that seemed never ending. The numerous family meals 'invaded' by someone dropping by. But despite these constant interruptions, they stuck at it, and protected their own relationship and guarded it closely, not allowing anyone or anything to come between them.

I remember the importance placed on family devotions and memorizing scripture so that we, as children, could learn to
hide God's Word in our hearts.

I remember the tears and frustrations and the seemingly wasted effort spent on people who chose to turn from God and follow their own way. The late nights the busy days, the exhausting Sundays that left them feeling drained and ready to quit.
But, God gave them strength to
mount up with wings as eagles”.

Through it all, God sustained them and upheld them. And He continues to do so, even now,
after so many years.
God is faithful.

50 years is a long time to live with someone, but if the foundation is immoveable and the love is strong, then it is possible!

With God, nothing is impossible
Not even a long marriage!!

I love you Mum and Dad.

Many years ago, I heard this song
written by some siblings.
It speaks of a Godly Heritage
passed down to us by our
parents, and I'm so glad God
has given this to me.

A Godly Heritage

There are many homes in wreckage

in this world of sin,

No harmony or happiness are found there within,

We thank God for the family He has placed us in,

For the Christ-like example You have always been

A Godly heritage, you have given us,

Your lives a living picture of faithfulness,

God's blessing passed down,

To your children's children,

We sing this from our hearts,

And with our love it is given.

We've had precious times together,

Years are slipping past,

We want our lives to count for Christ

and things that will last,

As we gather together, on this special day,

Our homes to God we dedicate, this is what we pray

A Godly heritage, you have given us,

Your lives a living picture of faithfulness,

God's blessing passed down,

To your children's children,

We sing this from our hearts,

And with our love it is given.