Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hay, Abbi's Ute and Driving........

Recently, I was able to go out with Dave
locally, and cart hay.
Now that he is no longer road train driving,
and busy delivering milk, he doesn't
get many opportunities to drive the big stuff.

So, when he was offered the chance,
we he jumped at it.

Here's a few photos of the day

Not your average size hay bale

Me following in the Manitou

Loaded and reading to tie down

Negotiating some tight bends with 3 trailers

In other news........

Abbi's ute is finally up and running
and registered!!

After many painstaking hours of
work by many hands,
Abbi is finally getting around town
in a very cute looking
Toyota Landcruiser
45 series ute

(notice the JH on the license
plate?? I'm sure it stands
for my initials, which means
I have some claim to it. But,
James and Abbi don't agree.
Go figure!)

Nice new upholstery

We took the ute out of town
to make sure the 4wd worked,
which it did,
and also gave Emilee some driving
time in our old girl.

Sadly, because it's dry season now,
there was no mud for her to play in,
but there will be next year!!

Finally, I have uploaded a short video
of these happenings for another
perspective. Enjoy:)

And just a couple of bumper stickers
I'd love to have