Friday, December 23, 2016

Barunga Community Church
Christmas Event

On Wednesday night, our church had
the privilege of travelling out to
a community called Barunga,
about an hour away from Katherine
to visit with the church there
as they put on their Christmas play.

We all loaded into our Coaster bus,
plus a couple of other vehicles,
and headed out.

Dave and I have done deliveries to this
community, so we knew a few of the ladies
and it was great to see them and 
their children in the church there.

Pastor Patrick Bauer and his family
work in this community, 
holding Sunday Services and Kids Club weekly.

They had worked very hard putting together
a Christmas service with the
community children and parents.

It was a blessing to see the children,
dressed in their angels costumes,
singing and praising God.

This little girl was particularly enthusiastic

We were able to hear a song sung in Kriol,
the local language and also the passage
from Luke 2, read in Kriol.

The 5 dogs that attended were very well
behaved and slept through most of the service.

I have put together a short video of the evening
so you can get a better idea of the service.

Please pray for the work in this community,
for open hearts to the gospel.
Pray for the Bauer family as they minister
there and in Katherine to the indigenous people.

Please pray for our work at Savannah Way
Baptist Church, and for the
opportunities we have with the children
and parents here in Katherine.