Friday, March 24, 2017

A Day Out

On Tuesday, Dave and I had a day out.
We were able to do a day trip to help
some friends of ours who are moving into
town off a station near here.

Emilee kindly let us use her ute
(well, she didn't really have a choice)
so, leaving the girls to their
beauty sleep, we headed out.

It was 7 hours one way to the station
then a couple hours there to load up
and 7 hours back home again.

The short way there was impassable
due to the wet season so that meant
going the long way around.

We were able to get the ute nice
and dirty for her in all the muddy puddles

It was a nice change for Dave, from the normal
daily routine of delivering milk, and I enjoyed the
break from school and housework.

The girls were very disappointed that they couldn't
come, but we couldn't really fit them in the ute
and they would have gotten
VERY muddy on the back
due to Emilee's "Muddies"
that love to flick up the mud,
the bovine excretions and whatever else.
(Not to mention the illegal factor or the fact
that once we had loaded up for the return trip
there was NO room at all,
except maybe in the chicken cage
with the 15 chickens and 1 rooster)

We saw a lot of diverse and beautiful countryside
and had fun splashing in the mud
and just being together.

Being the passenger in this expedition,
meant that I had to open and close ALL of the gates!
16 in total! Open  Close  Open  Close.......
and you get the picture.

But, as the daylight faded, we were headed back
home, after topping up on some food at HiWay Inn.
(they truly do make the
BEST burgers in the Territory!)

Home again, home again,
late, but safe and sound and ready
to get back to normal routine when the sun came up.