Friday, March 10, 2017

Random Stuff

Well, I haven't really blogged much
family news lately, so here it is.

A few weeks back, Emilee got her license,
so she is on the road, driving and dangerous!
One-eyed driver, everyone BEWARE!

Dave is busy making a cage for the back of
her ute to hold freight for our local
business delivering stuff.
Emilee will be taking over most of that
for Dave once the cage is built.

She is enjoying the freedom of having
her licence and her own ute.
Her sisters are also enjoying the profits
of that freedom too.
(And so am I.
Off to the shops for mum now)

Maddie recently got braces
(as you can see in the picture,
which she allowed me to post, under
duress). So now the jokes can begin.

Chloe continues to entertain everyone
with her quick wit, card tricks,
optical illusions and random comments.
Never a dull moment there!

I decided that I would take a dive
off our tandem trailer last week,
falling off and landing rather hard
on my back, which I have come to find out
is NOT a good idea at my age!
Let's just say, it has slowed me down
very considerably and I am very sore!

Dave has been busy working
and then working some more on
projects at home once the 'day job'
is done. I keep the coffee and snacks
coming, and he sees to the other important stuff.

Dave and I are currently on a diet
and a bit of a healthy change
so Dave is becoming a shadow of
his former self, and me, well.....
Shall we change the subject now?

James and Abbi are moving house this weekend
into a bigger and better place that allows
room for a baby and doting grandparents and
aunties to come visit.

Our wet season is still wet,
it is pouring down at present,
but it will soon be all gone
and the dry season will be upon us
and the tourists will begin to descend!!

Youth Group is going really well
with new kids coming along most every week.
We are hoping to start up a teen ministry next
term and the girls are especially excited about
that prospect!

Our trusty old Hiace bus is currently
being refitted with a 'new' engine (reco)
and will be as good as new soon! I hope.
She has done over 700 000km so she
was well and truly due for an overhaul.

Praise God for His providence
of someone with the know
how and willingness to do the job.
Thanks Patrick!
God is good!

And that's about all for now.

Oh, and Ellie the cat continues to
pretend she is Queen of the house
and make her presence known
whenever it takes her fancy.

Oh, and if you're looking for
a picture of Dave and I,
well, keep dreamin'!!