Monday, June 5, 2017

4 Years in the Territory!

Yes, you read that right.
On June the 1st, it was 4 years
since we moved to the Territory!
The photo above was taken the day we left.

Time has flown by and the girls have
grown up so quickly in those
short 4 years.

We've gone from parents of 5 girls at home,
to the oldest married and gone,
the second oldest married and now a mum,
us now being grandparents,
with only 3 girls at home,
the 3rd with a license and a job,
and the 2 youngest the only ones left at school,
with the 2nd youngest ready to get her learners
in August!

So, if you're feeling old, just look at
us for an example and you'll suddenly feel
young again!

Life changes so fast that its hard to keep up,
but God has been so good
and showered us with so many blessings.

"God has been good, so good,
I have been blessed"