Saturday, June 24, 2017

Camp Out

This past week, we had the privilege
of camping out with a bunch of Yanks,
our girls and the Bauer Family.

A missions team from the state of Delaware, USA
(yeah, I didn't know where it was either),
had come to help out in the work
the Bauers are doing in the community
of Barunga and also in Katherine.

It turned out that Dave and I were able
to go up to Darwin on Saturday night
and pick them all up from the airport
as their original ride was down with a tummy bug.
We managed to get home at 1 AM
safe and sound, with no buffalo
sized imprints in the front of the bus.
(just a whole lot of weary passengers)

So, they had to make do with me,
walking up to them in the airport,
looking them up and down,
and saying, "Yep, that's them! I'm your ride!
Follow me!"

Which, like the Pied Piper, they kindly did.

Our family was invited along to camp out
with them on a friends block out of town.

It was a real blessing for all involved
and it was the first time in our 4 years here,
that the girls were able to get together with
a bunch of like minded teens and just
have fun and do what teenagers do!
(which I think is, talk, and talk some more,
throw around a half empty water bottle as a football,
play noughts and crosses in the dust,
go croc spotting in the dark
along the river,
go snake catching with Pastor Bauer
and so on and so forth)

Emilee acted as the ferry for carting
people and gear to and from the camp.
She managed NOT to lose any passengers.

Our set up was simple but effective.
Of course, I think Dave and I had the best spot
being up above in our rooftop tent.
(Oh, and should I be worried that each
one of our girls is playing with a knife??)

We ate well and the yanks taught us
how to eat hot dogs properly, by roasting
them over the fire.
We served up pavlova and billy tea
and roast potatoes.
(Liberally coated with ash and dust)

Dave drove our 22 seater and took all
of us out to Cutta Cutta Caves to see
the 'underground' sights.

It is always a blessing that no matter
what race you are or what accent you have,
when you are brothers and sisters in Christ,
these differences soon disappear.

What an encouragement to know that
there are others, on the other side of the world,
willing to make sacrifices and
serve the Lord, even in our out of the
way town of Katherine, NT.

I've put together a short video of
the last couple of days.
Sorry it won't be super clear,
being resized to fit.
You get the drift anyway.